Who is the highest level in dungeon quest Roblox?

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Who is the highest level in dungeon quest Roblox?


  • Legendary.
  • Ultimate.
  • What is the recommended level for dungeons?

    WoW Classic dungeon levels

    Dungeon Minimum level Recommended level
    Zul’Farrak 39 44-54
    Maraudon 30 46-55
    Temple of Atal’Hakkar 45 55-60
    Blackrock Depths 48 52-60

    How many dungeons are there in dungeon quest?

    Currently, there are 13 different dungeons available to play in Dungeon Quest.

    Is Mage better than warrior in Dungeon Quest?

    The point is: Mage does (slightly) more spell damage then Warrior, but Warrior does melee damage. Anyways, Warrior’s melee damage becomes less useful later on, and you’ll rely on your spells to survive. That’s where Mage’s extra spell damage comes in.

    Do all dungeons scale in WoW?

    Zone Scaling Zones and normal dungeons will now scale to your level. This includes experience from monsters and quests, monster damage, and monster health. However, each zone has a minimum and maximum level that these quests and monsters will scale to.

    What is the shortest map in dungeon quest?

    Winter Outpost is the shortest dungeon. OO has one less room than WO, making it the shortest dungeon.

    What is SS in dungeon quest?


    Abbreviation Meaning
    SS Steampunk Sewers
    BR Boss Raids
    T (1-30) Tier (1-30)
    OO Orbital Outpost

    What does DPS mean in dungeon quest?


    All Resist Adds to the Resist amount of all other resists
    AS Attacks per Second
    BWD Base Weapon Damage
    DPS ((((BWD*(1+WD%)*(1+WIQ)) + WD)*(1+ED%))))+ED)*AS
    ED Flat Elemental Damage across all gear

    What level should I be for SM Cath Classic?

    Scarlet Monastery is a dungeon with 4 wings that each require different levels and setups depending on which one you are attempting. For the Cathedral wing, we recommend only attempting this with a group from Level 37 to 40 for the smoothest possible run.

    How to beat the underworld in Dungeon Quest?

    The update with The Underworld introduced the Cosmetic shop,a rotational shop where players can buy item skins and enchants with robux.

  • This dungeon has been nerfed the most out of all dungeons.
  • Blood Minions can glitch if the Demonic Overgrowth is defeated at the same time he a Blood Minion is spawned.
  • What quest is the hardest quest?

    – 1 or 2 full sets (minus helmet) of steel plate armour – A set of scaled armor (again, minus the helmet) – adept robes of destruction – Bolar’s Oathblade – an Elven dagger – 1 or 2 Elven swords – an Elven warhammer – an Elven bow – an ebony bow – and a two handed ebony weapon (usually greatsword, in my experience, but warhammer and battleaxe are quite possible too)

    Which faster questing or dungeon?

    Raid gear. To make sure it is safe and fast to rush them,and to balance out the lack of quest rewards.

  • Stable group that all have the same objective. If you PUG it as a healer and get a slow tank it ruins your speed.
  • Picking the dungeons that are the fastest,easiest trash/bosses,or otherwise picked to optimise XP/hour.
  • What is the best class in Dungeon Quest Roblox?

    There are two distinct support classes in Dungeon Quest. Both classes use armor that is high in stamina, a weapon that is high in spell power, and abilities that help the team by healing or pulling enemies toward them. Healer using a healing ability. Healers are the team lifeline in Dungeon Quest.

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