Can you still play Paradise Bay?

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Can you still play Paradise Bay?

Trademasters, it’s with a heavy heart we must inform you that on May 17, 2019 we will terminate service fo Paradise Bay. On that date the game will no longer be playable. As of March 18, all In-App purchases have been turned off and allplayers credited with ten million Gems to use as they desire.

How do I get more crystals in Paradise Island 2?

Crystals are given for completing tasks, gaining levels and achievements, as a reward for logging into the game every day, or from free bonuses that can be found on our official Facebook page every Friday.

How do you get more energy in Paradise Island 2?

To increase the Energy scale, you can purchase a special Mint Tonic offer in the game. After that, the maximum amount of energy that you can accumulate will always be equal to 28. And, of course, you can always replenish your energy for crystals.

Where did Paradise Bay go?

paradise bay closed its doors for the final time in May of the year 2019. It’s unavailable to download because the game is no more. The parent company of king had to make cutbacks and sadly paradise bay wasn’t doing as well as other games.

What is Paradise Bay app?

Paradise Bay is a management game, but it’s probably a bit different from what you’re used to. In it, you have to take care of an island from the perspective of tropical natives. To do so, you’ll have to understand the ecosystem to help nature grow while your economy thrives.

Is there another game like Paradise Bay?

There are more than 10 games similar to Paradise Bay for a variety of platforms, including Android, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet and Windows. The best alternative is Hay Day, which is free. Other Paradise Bay like games are Farm Tribe 5, Farm Up, My Little Farmies Mobile and Farmerama.

How do you play Sandy caps in Paradise Island 2?

Find Sidney on the beach, tap on her badge, and then on the “Play” button. To start a new game, you’ll need caps. You can see the number of caps you currently have in the game start window.

What are the secret achievements in Paradise Island 2?


  • 1 Construction Secret Achievements.
  • 2 All at Once.
  • 3 Beauty is Pain.
  • 4 Beep Beep.
  • 5 Don Quixote.
  • 6 Enticing Aroma.
  • 7 Alien Guest.
  • 8 Total Immersion.

How do you restart Paradise Island 2?

Sorry, Paradise Island 2 doesn’t currently support progress resetting and starting the game over. You can still use two devices with different game accounts. In this case, you will have a separate game on each device.

Why does Paradise Island 2 keep crashing?

Please make sure that you are always using the latest version of the game and that your device has at least 2GB of RAM. To improve the stability and performance of the application, you can also try disabling HD graphics, animation, and activating the dynamic loading of buildings, in the game settings.

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