Where is the torn page in the dark chamber?

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Where is the torn page in the dark chamber?

Agrabah Cave of Wonders
Torn Page Locations

Torn Page World Area
Torn Page 1 Agrabah Cave of Wonders: Dark Chamber
Torn Page 2 Monstro Chamber 6
Torn Page 3 Atlantica Ariel’s Grotto
Torn Page 4 Halloween Town Research Lab

How do you unlock Winnie the Pooh in kh1?

You can enter 100 Acre Wood after returning the Old Book to Merlin, which is available after returning to Traverse Town upon sealing the Wonderland and Deep Jungle Keyholes. For now there is little to do but visit the Meadow area, where you can meet Winnie the Pooh, and also visit his house to meet Owl.

How do you get the torn page in Traverse Town?

Torn Pages

  1. Traverse Town: Rescue 51 Dalmatians.
  2. Agrabah: Dark Chamber in the Cave of Wonders.
  3. Monstro: Chamber 6. To get this one, go to the top step in Chamber 6 and move a barrel near the platform so you can reach it.
  4. Halloween Town: The bookcase in the Doctor’s Lab.
  5. Atlantica: Ariel’s Grotto.

What is the meaning of torn paper?

to cause (material, paper, etc) to come apart or (of material, etc) to come apart; rip.

How do you get the Pooh swing?

The game is played by pressing the button for the lock-on option at the right time, generally when Pooh is at the highest point before going back down; which is also when Owl will flap his wings up.

How do you beat Winnie the Pooh in Kingdom Hearts?

You just need to find all of Pooh’s friends. Target Pooh and walk around the bush until you can examine the leaves to reveal Eeyore. Now head back the other way and find Roo atop a root. Talk to him then use the well to woosh up to the ledge and talk to Tigger.

How do you become an Owl cheerleading?

You must meet all requirements listed below in order to receive the ability from Owl:

  1. Complete Pooh’s Hunny Hunt with more than 100 licks.
  2. Complete Block Tigger with more than 150 points.
  3. Complete Pooh’s Swing with more than 40 yards.
  4. Complete Tigger’s Giant Pot in less than 30 seconds.

What will happen after tearing a paper?

During the physical change neither the chemical composition nor chemical nature of the substance changes. For example:Tearing a paper is a physical change because when the paper is torn only the appearance of paper is changed.

Why are there torn pages in Kingdom Hearts 2?

The torn pages from Kingdom Hearts II are part of a side quest to complete Winnie the Pooh’s picture book. They’re also clamored for by people trying to get to the secret ending.

Where can I find torn pages in Winnie the Pooh?

To restore the different locations to Pooh’s world, and in the process unlock a wide selection of mini-games and hidden items, find the following Torn Pages: Traverse Town: Rescue 51 Dalmatians. Agrabah: Dark Chamber in the Cave of Wonders. Monstro: Chamber 6.

Where can I find the second torn page?

Receive the second torn page. Just head towards the back of the oasis where you will find a chest near the tree in front of the waterfalls. Open the chest to get the second torn page. Get to the restoration site. Just go to Hollow Bastion, and land at the postern.

How do you get the 4th torn page in Agrabah?

Receive the fourth torn page. When you climb up the throne room, you will see two large, highly conspicuous chests. Climb toward the one on the left, and open it to obtain the fourth torn page. Head to Agrabah. Be sure to leave the city through the large door at the Bazaar.

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