Where is the Pink Zone in Poole Hospital?

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Where is the Pink Zone in Poole Hospital?

Where to find us – Pink Zone on Floor 0, outside the OPD corridor – Room 44.

What Ward is C4 in Poole Hospital?

Cranborne ward
C4 (formally Cranborne ward) offers care for general medical patients, and specialises in diabetes and cardiology. The ward offers bedside cardiac monitoring.

What is the race Ward in Poole Hospital?

RACE Clinic is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) led service with the aim of clinically assessing and diagnosing older patients without the need for an inpatient admission. It sits under the umbrella of Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) and is situated at Poole Hospital (orange zone level 3).

Where is the main entrance to Poole Hospital?

The hospital’s main entrance, Costa, Marks & Spencer and Stock Shop is located off Longfleet Road, and is open 9am- 7pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to12.

Where is AMU in Poole Hospital?

The Acute Medical Unit is on the ground floor of the main hospital. Discharge home information: Patients are advised on the consultant ward round of future plans or investigations.

Is there a drop off point at Poole Hospital?

There is a level covered walkway from the car park (level G) which leads to the main Hospital. A limited number of 20 minute bays are available by the main entrance for picking up and dropping off.

What is Ward 24 Bournemouth hospital?

Welcome to Ward 24, we look after patients with a variety of illnesses, in particular with sepsis. We also specialise in looking after patients with Parkinson’s and dementia.

Where is AMU in Poole hospital?

What is Ward B3 at Poole Hospital?

B3 is a 30-bedded orthopaedic trauma ward, taking patients from 16 years upwards. The Ward Sister is Amy Rimmer, supported by Senior Staff Nurses Chris Haskell, Rosie Bailey, Janet Dickson and Georgie Burnett.

What is Kimmeridge Ward Poole Hospital?

The Kimmeridge ward is a short stay ward specialising in caring for older patients who are expected to need a hospital stay of around three to five days.

How do you pay for parking at Poole hospital?

A multi-storey car park is situated on the main hospital site, the entrance to which is on Longfleet Road (a covered walkway from the car park (level G) leads to the main hospital). The payment terminal for the multi-storey is located in the main entrance and accepts coins, notes or credit / debit cards.

What do they do in AMU?

The Acute Medical Unit (AMU) is a 54-bed unit located on the 1st Floor of the Tower at University College Hospital. Its primary role is to provide rapid definitive assessment, investigation and treatment for patients admitted urgently or as an emergency from the Emergency Department, and/or referred by their GP.

How much is parking at Poole hospital?

Up to 2 hours £2.20. Up to 3 hours £3.30. Up to 4 hours £4.40. Up to 6 hours £6.60.

Can you visit Poole hospital?

Many of our wards operate a protected mealtime system. Nutrition is an important part of recovery, so visiting is not allowed during this time unless requested by our patients.

What is Ward 3 in Bournemouth hospital?

Welcome to Ward 3, we are a mixed speciality medical ward providing care for patients with a range of conditions. We specialise in respiratory, gastroenterology, endocrinology and general medicine.

What is Ward 9 Bournemouth hospital?

We are a MDT led 28 bed ward, provides a therapeutic environment which is patient-centred and driven by individualized goals for the patients to promote independence, health and wellbeing.

What is b5 Poole Hospital?

A5 Avonbourne is an acute medical ward specialising in general medical and elderly care. Poole Hospital. View map.

What is Ward 24 Bournemouth Hospital?

How much is parking at Poole Hospital?

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