What two technology companies are suing or have sued Samsung over infringement rights?

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What two technology companies are suing or have sued Samsung over infringement rights?

Apple and Samsung Sued For Patent Infringement Over Touch Screen Functionality. Plaintiff Neonode Smartphone LLC filed suits against Apple and Samsung, alleging the device manufacturers infringed on touchscreen interface patents.

What did Apple steal from Samsung?

Apple Pencil/Samsung S Pen Samsung has refined its initial stylus design since it initially debuted, while making the stylus part and parcel of its pitch for Galaxy Note devices compared with the Galaxy S family.

Did Apple steal ideas from Samsung?

The court ruled that Samsung violated one of Apple’s utility patents, over the so-called “bounce-back” effect in iOS, and that Apple was in violation of two of Samsung’s wireless patents. Apple’s claims that Samsung copied the designs of the iPhone and iPad were deemed invalid.

Why did Apple Sue Samsung over iPhone design patents?

But Apple argued that its three design patents, while covering merely cosmetic aspects of iPhones, were the key to making the phones look good and work well. It argued they couldn’t be separated from the entire device and that its damages should total all of Samsung’s profits from its infringing phones.

What is the settlement in the Apple vs Samsung case?

Judge Lucy Koh, of the Northern District of California, signed the order dismissing all suits with prejudice, which means another case can’t be filed on the same claim. The terms of the settlement are unclear. Apple and Samsung have been fighting over the designs and functionality of their smartphones and tablets since 2011.

Is there really dirt in Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung?

But that’s the easy reaction to the simple fact of Apple suing Samsung. The real dirt is in the complaint itself, which was filed on the 15th and made public today.

Is Samsung unfairly profiting by copying Apple’s work?

Yet another state-level claim that feels like a catch-all in case everything else fails-Apple’s arguing that whether or not Samsung’s conduct rose to actual infringement its trade dress, trademarks, and patents, Samsung still unfairly profited by copying Apple’s work.

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