Is Josef Seibel a good brand?

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Is Josef Seibel a good brand?

Throughout it’s history, Josef Seibel has been known for the production of high-quality footwear that does more than hold up well. The shoes are also known for the amount of comfort they have to offer. This combination of proper fit, support, and comfort make them a favorite with many different kinds of customers.

What size is 37 in Josef Seibel?

Women and men shoe wides

Shoe size (EU) Wide F (Narrow foot) Wide G (Normal foot)
EU 35 21,2 cm 21,7 cm
EU 36 21,6 cm 22,1 cm
EU 37 22,0 cm 22,4 cm
EU 38 22,4 cm 22,9 cm

How wide is a EEE shoe?

Double-H Boots Size Chart

Foot Width (inches)
Size B EEE
8.5 3.4″ 4.4″
9 3.5″ 4.4″
9.5 3.6″ 4.5″

What size is EEE fit?

Extra wide fit is determined by a combination of the two, so feet with the same circumference can be classified into different wide fit sizes depending on shoe size. For example, a foot with a circumference of 24.8cm would be EEEE fit for someone with shoe size 5, but EEE fit for size 6, and EE fit for size 7.

What is the difference between e fit and EEE fit?

For example, shoe size 7 with a circumference of 25.4cm is an EEE fit, while a circumference of 26cm is an EEEE fit. The smallest width for each shoe size is an E fit, with each fitting being about six millimetres apart.

How much wider is an EEE from an E?

0.18 inch
The size difference between EE (Extra Wide) and EEE (Triple Wide) is approximately 4,5 mm (0.18 inch).

Which is wider E or EEE?

E widths are considered to be wide for men, and extra-wide for women. EE width shoes are extra wide for both men and women, and used to be harder to find for women, though more companies have introduced EE women’s shoes in recent decades.

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