What kind of video does HDR as100v record?

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What kind of video does HDR as100v record?

Capture quick action with smooth image motion pro-quality XAVC S recording with 50Mbps high bit rate data transfer. HDR-AS100V also supports 24p high-speed 120 fps and 240 fps shooting with sound, as well as MP4 HD video for when you just have to share your latest trick and turn across the Internet.

Is the Sony HDR-AS100V action cam worth it?

Sony HDR-AS100V Action Cam review: Sony tackles the GoPro giant with the AS100V The Good High bitrate recording and a bunch of extra features like GPS make this Sony’s best Action Cam so far, with good still image and audio quality added to the mix. A new tally light on the top of the camera makes it easy to see when you’re recording.

What color is the Sony as100vr camera?

Helpfully, Sony has made it easy to differentiate between all the different Action Cams by making the AS100VR white — the earlier models both came in a black finish.

Is the Sony as100v good for video editing?

To complement Sony’s pro-focused video with XAVC S, the AS100V has timecode functionality which allows editors to more easily sync footage from multiple cameras. Battery life is great, with the Sony outperforming the GoPro Hero 3+ on 1080/30p recording at the default bitrate.

How do I connect my Sony HDR-AS100V to my HDTV?

With HDMI output, you’ll be able to share your Sony HDR-AS100V video with friends and family on your HDTV (HDMI cable required/not included). 1. Requires NFC-compatible mobile device. Check device’s user manual for compatibility. Device cases may prevent connection. Live View Remote is an optional purchase. 2.

How does the as100v handle dynamic range?

Light! The AS100V handles dynamic range very intelligently in both bright and dark settings, and adjusts the exposure faster than most other cameras. This means that if you’re wearing it on a bike and ride out of a tunnel, it won’t take 3 seconds to adjust to the drastic light change.

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