Is My Name Is Khan worth watching?

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Is My Name Is Khan worth watching?

Personally from my opinion I thought My Name Is Khan is an AMAZING movie. The fact that they didn’t care about their differences whether it be, Mandira being a Hindu and Rizwan being Muslim or that he had Asperger’s syndrome and the fact that their love was pure was sheer beauty in itself.

Why is the name Khan so popular?

It is derived from the historic title khan, referring to a military chief or ruler; it originated as a hereditary title among nomadic tribes in the Central and Eastern Eurasian Steppe during antiquity and was popularized by Turkic dynasties in the rest of Asia as well as in Eastern Europe during the medieval period.

Is My Name Is Khan based on a true story?

“My name is Khan, and I’m not a terrorist.” A Muslim star in a mostly Hindu country, Khan says he has always been interested in the challenge of starting from a real-life incident and weaving a fictional story around it.

Who is the director of my Name is Khan?

My Name Is Khan is a 2010 Hindi -language drama film directed by Karan Johar, written by Shibani Bathija and Niranjan Iyengar, produced by Hiroo Yash Johar and Gauri Khan, and starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. Set in the United States, the film centers upon Rizwan Khan, an autistic Muslim man.

Is’my name is Khan’a box office hit?

^ “My Name Is Khan smashes box office records worldwide”. Archived from the original on 1 May 2012. Retrieved 30 December 2011. ^ “Shah Rukh’s ‘My Name Is Khan a hit with Egyptian public”.

Is my name is Khan a feel-good film?

My Name Is Khan is no ordinary film. Long after the wary-of-physical-touch Rizwan has finally shaken hands with President Obama, long after the heat and dust of racial and communal hatred has settled down the core of humanism that the film secretes stays with you. Yes, we finally know what they mean by a feelgood film.”

What is the price of my Name is Khan?

My Name Is Khan marks the debut film for distributor and co-producer Fox Star Studios, which had bought the rights for the film for a sum of ₹1 billion (US$13 million), making it the most expensive Bollywood film of 2010. My Name Is Khan premiered on 12 February 2010.

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