What is the conflict in Insurgent?

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What is the conflict in Insurgent?

The Major Conflict of my novel (Insurgent) was when Tris sacrificed herself to the Erudite. This was also a big turning point in the story. This type of conflict is Person vs Society I believe.

What is the main theme of Insurgent?

The most significant theme in this novel is the conflict between freedom and control, expressed as the conflict between Erudite’s attempt to exert control over the minds and behavior of the population versus the Divergent mentality that seeks freedom and choice outside the boundaries of the factions.

What is the climax of the book Insurgent?

Climax. The climax of this novel occurs at the big invasion of Erudite headquarters. The factionless and the Dauntless invade in order to destroy all Erudite’s information and disable them forever, but at the same time, Tris, Christina, Marcus, and Cara storm in to try and steal back Abnegation’s secret information.

What is the main theme in Insurgent?

What is the secret in divergent?

Divergent shows us that secrets are like power: they’re not good or bad in the abstract—but they become good or bad when they’re used for good or bad reasons. Everyone in Divergent has to have secrets because secrets are an important part of identity.

What is the Order of the Divergent Series books?

Erudite. The intellectuals are called the Erudite.

  • Amity. Farmers are known for their kindness.
  • Candor. Candor was founded on the belief that dishonesty is the root cause of all problems.
  • Dauntless. The Dauntless believe cowardice is what causes society’s demise.
  • Abnegation. The selfless are those who hate the law of abnegation.
  • Will there be another book in the Divergent Series?

    ‘Divergent’ author Veronica Roth is set to release another book from the series titled ‘We Can Be Mended.’ Get all the details here!

    Is insurgent better than divergent?

    The Divergent Series: Insurgent is a 2015 science-fiction film. This (in my opinion) is better than the previous instalment, Divergent. This has more violence than Divergent and is definitely not appropriate for kids. This is mainly because of an implied sex scene. My Classification: M – Adult Themes, Some Coarse Language, Some Violence, A Sex Scene

    What are some reviews of the Divergent Series novels?

    THE OVERALL STORYLINE. Divergent,the first book in the series,introduces the reader to a dystopian Chicago which is divided into five factions,each of whom is obsessively fixated on

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