What time is high tide today in Crescent City California?

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What time is high tide today in Crescent City California?

6/3/2022: The tide now in Crescent City, CA is rising. Next high tide is 4:15 pm.

What time is high tide at Crescent Beach?

Disclaimer: The predictions from NOAA Tide Predictions are based upon the latest information available as of the date of your request….Today’s Tides (LST/LDT)

2:07 AM low 0.01 ft.
8:22 PM high 4.83 ft.

What are the tides for Crescent Beach tomorrow?

The tide is currently rising in Crescent Beach. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 5.91ft will be at 8:27pm and the lowest tide of -0.66ft will be at 1:53pm.

Is high tide when the tide is in or out?

It is important to know if the tide is coming in or going out. When the tide comes in (high tide) the whole beach can be covered by water.

Are tides higher during full moon?

The highest tides occur when the Moon is new or full. High tides sometimes occur either before or after the Moon is straight overhead.

Is the tide rising or falling in Crescent City?

The tide is rising. Tide chart for Crescent City Showing low and high tide times for the next 30 days. Tide Times are PST (UTC -8.0hrs). View Crescent City 7 Day Tide Chart Image.

What is the average height of the water in Crescent City?

The heights today are 2.9 ft, 6.5 ft, -0.1 ft and 5.8 ft referenced to Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW). We can compare these levels with the maximum high tide recorded in the tide tables for Crescent City which is of 8.9 ft and a minimum height of -2.3 ft .

What does the grey shading in the Crescent City map mean?

The grey shading corresponds to nighttime hours between sunset and sunrise at Crescent City. Tide Times are PST (UTC -8.0hrs). Last Spring High Tide at Crescent City was on Sun 05 Dec (height: 2.66m 8.7ft). Next high Spring Tide at Crescent City will be on Fri 17 Dec (height: 2.25m 7.4ft).

What time is the first low tide in the morning?

In the high tide and low tide chart, we can see that the first low tide was at 4:34 am and the next low tide will be at 5:15 pm. The first high tide was at 10:21 am and the next high tide will be at 11:48 pm.

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