What are the personality traits of the Chinese Rooster?

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What are the personality traits of the Chinese Rooster?

They are deep thinkers and the Roosters’ personality is considered to be honest, bright, communicative, ambitious, capable and warm-hearted. Strong self-respect and seldom relying on others are their basic characteristics. As most of them are born pretty or handsome, they prefer to dress up.

What kind of Rooster is 1993?

Water Rooster
Years and the five elements

Start date End date Heavenly branch
23 January 1993 9 February 1994 Water Rooster
9 February 2005 28 January 2006 Wood Rooster
28 January 2017 15 February 2018 Fire Rooster
13 February 2029 2 February 2030 Earth Rooster

Is 1993 a lucky year?

Years of the Rooster include 2029, 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957, 1945……Year of the Rooster Dates.

Zodiac Rooster Year When Type of Rooster
1993 January 23, 1993 – February 9, 1994 Water Rooster

Who is Rooster compatible with?

Best Matches: Ox, Snake People born in the year of the Rooster will have a harmonious relationship with Ox or Snake people, because their personalities are highly complementary. Whenever there is a fight, Rooster is not the one who makes compromise first.

What type of Rooster is 1993 Chinese zodiac?

1993 Chinese Zodiac – Water Rooster. Which type of Rooster are people born in 1993 Chinese Zodiac year? According to Chinese zodiac, 1993 has the Rooster sign, and it is the Water element based on Chinese Five Elements. Therefore, people born in 1993 are the Water Rooster.

Which year is known as the year of the rooster?

1993 is Year of the Rooster. It starts from January 23, 1993 to February 09, 1994.

Is 1993 a good year to be born in China?

As for those people born in 1993, the year of the Water Rooster, it’s clear that good fortune and a wealth of confidence is smiling down upon them. The Rooster in Chinese astrology is brave and self-reliant, and takes pride in his or her own appearance.

When is year of the rooster in 1994?

According to Chinese calendar, from January 23, 1993 to February 09, 1994 is Year of the Rooster. You can use our Chinese Farmer’s Almanac calendar (Tung Shing or Tung Shu) to find out things suggested to do or not to do for each day, and holidays and solar terms in each month.

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