Do Vivint cameras have audio?

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Do Vivint cameras have audio?

First and foremost, the Indoor Camera camera supports two-way audio with its built-in microphone and speaker. Using the Vivint app on your wireless smartphone or tablet, you can have a conversation with someone in your home from wherever you are. View live and recorded HD video footage.

Why is Vivint so hard to cancel?

Vivint contracts are incredibly lengthy and tricky to cancel. The cancelation notice and any supporting documentation have to be sent by mail. Many users get trapped into expensive five-year contracts because the company supposedly didn’t receive their letters, emails, or fax cancelation requests.

How do I get out of Vivint?

To cancel your contract, you can either snail mail, email, or fax a written Notice of Cancellation to the company. Be sure to do this at least 30-days before your intended cancellation date.

Do Vivint cameras record without WIFI?

Do Vivint Cameras Work Offline? Since Vivint is a truly wireless system, your Vivint cameras may record while offline, but you’ll not be able to access live video monitoring and security alerts via the app. Your Vivint camera, like other smart devices, is solely dependent on your home’s Wi-Fi connection and speed.

How much is it to cancel Vivint?

In all other cases, you will have to pay your service in full if you wish to cancel it. Plus, you’ll need to cash out a cancelation fee: $300 during the first year. $150 during the second year.

Does Vivint only record when motion is detected?

Vivint Smart Drive™ Stores 30 Days of Footage Some security cameras only save motion-activated footage, but Vivint video monitoring records 24/7 (sometimes the context leading up to a break-in is just as relevant as the event itself).

How long do Vivint cameras record?

Your security cameras themselves will store a certain amount of footage. Vivint cameras record 20- to 90-second clips, depending on the camera, for up to 14 days.

How far can Vivint outdoor camera see?

The camera had a night vision range of about 55 feet. While that’s not nearly as impressive as the Lorex outdoor cameras we reviewed, 55 feet is enough whether you live in an apartment like us or in a house with a wide front yard. Another full mark for the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro!

Why did my Vivint alarm go off for no reason?

Vivint Motion Sensor – False Alarms. Several factors can accidentally set off your motion sensors, including pets and any other activity from heat sources like vents, windows, stoves, or anything that causes a heat change near your sensor.

Do Vivint cameras constantly record?

Recording that never stops The Vivint Smart Drive stores every minute of footage from your indoor, outdoor, and doorbell camera for 30 days. Review recordings from up to four of your video cameras right from the Vivint app or Smart Hub with security DVR.

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