Is the monkey sub in BTD5?

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Is the monkey sub in BTD5?

The Monkey Sub first made its debut in BTD5 Mobile. Eventually, it was made available in BMC Mobile, BTDB Mobile, and even BTD5 Flash. It can be upgraded as a support tower or as an attacking tower.

Can Monkey Subs pop lead?

Description: Sub’s darts can pop an additional 3 bloons each. Effect: Darts pop 5 bloons per shot instead of 2. Also gives Reactors +20 pierce. Description: Heat tipped darts allow popping of Frozen and Lead Bloons.

Can Monkey Subs detect camo?

Camo detection Yes (with Submerge and Support or with Advanced Intel and another tower that can target them).

What does submerged monkey sub do?

Submerge and Support is the 3rd upgrade on Path 1 for the Monkey Sub in BTD5. It costs $425 on Easy, $500 on Medium, $540 on Hard and $600 on Impoppable. It adds a new Submerge targeting option. When selected, it stops firing darts, however, it starts removing camo from Bloons in its range, including DDTs (both BMCM).

Is Monkey Buccaneer or monkey Sub better?

It should be noted that a Monkey Sub will never be able to put out as much damage would want and need, essentially meaning that if a player has enough water space and is able to place a Monkey Buccaneer, they should as the Monkey Buccaneer will output much more damage than the Monkey Sub.

Is the sub monkey good?

I think the Monkey Sub is a bit OP. It and it’s upgrades are really cheap, Fires very fast, shots home in without needing to upgrade at all, One upgrade gives it near infinte range, one upgrade DOES give it infinite range, It’s cooldown instantly destroys ZOMGs(from what I gathered), And it wrecks bloons.

What is the best monkey sub path?

The best Monkey Sub in my opinion is the Path 2 Pre-Emptive Strike due to its insane damage towards MOAB-class bloons, especially when paired up with global damage, though even the damage buff with a Path 3 cross path is nothing to joke about.

Can mortar monkeys see camo?

Can detect Camo Bloons. Description: Shattering shells strip all bloon properties off all but the biggest bloons. Effect: Strips all Camo, Regrow, and Fortified from non-MOAB-class bloons, and strips Fortified from MOABs and BFBs.

Can wizard monkey pop purple?

Purple bloons can’t be popped with fire and energy based attacks unless you use Monkey Intelligence Bureau from monkey village. Not all magic monkeys use fire/energy based attacks like Ninja Monkey and Super Monkey (without laser upgrade). From all magic monkeys with 0 upgrades, only the wizard monkey can’t pop it.

Which monkey sub is the best?

Does sub Decamo do DDT?

While set on “Submerge” targeting, it cannot attack with darts, but instead it produces a regular no-damage radar attack that decamos Camo Bloons (including DDTs) every 1.5s (1.275s with Twin Guns, 0.956s with Airburst Darts).

Which Monkey Sub is the best?

Can Monkey Subs pop DDTS?

Monkey Sub with either Bloontonium Reactor or Pre-Emptive Strike upgrade. The Monkey Sub can also damage D.D.T.s with both Advanced Intel and Heat-Tipped Darts upgrades if there is another tower that can detect camo in the range of the D.D.T.s.

Is the Dartling gun coming to BTD6?

Related Towers The Dartling Gunner is a Military-class tower that arrived in the 22.0 update of Bloons TD 6. It was confirmed to arrive to BTD6, renamed from “Dartling Gun” to “Dartling Gunner”, as described by an official Ninja Kiwi teaser on their YouTube account, named “HE.

What kills DDTs?

A good way to destroy the D.D.T. using activated abilities is Ground Zero. It will take 2 hits to destroy the D.D.T.s layer, but it will keep the Camo Regrowth Ceramic Bloons alive. Icicle Impale is an excellent counter against D.D.T.s, especially if under a 2-3-0 village so it can both slow and damage them.

Is DDTs a camo?

The DDT has the properties of the Lead, Black, and Camo Bloon (except on BMC Mobile and Steam, where it only has camo properties), being immune to sharp and explosive damage, while also being undetectable by most towers unless they are under the radius of a Monkey Village with Radar Scanner.

Can Supermonkey see camo?

The cost of the Super Monkey is $4000 in the original, and the cost varies depending on the difficulty level in all subsequent games. Despite being the most powerful tower, the Super Monkey cannot pop Lead Bloons or detect Camo Bloons without any aid from upgrades, towers, and/or Speciality Buildings.

Can Ninja pop purples?

Ninja Monkey is also arguably the most reliable way to beat Purple Bloons and Camo Bloons and when combined with a Berserker Brew or Obyn Greenfoot, it becomes a power bloon-popping force.

Does Bloontonium reactor remove DDT camo?

The reactor sub also enhances the prior upgrade, Submerge and Support, now removing the Camo property from Bloons every 0.3 seconds. As a bonus, the Bloontonium Reactor reduces water tower ability cooldowns by 15% if they are within its radius….Balance Changes (Trivia)

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