Is Christiania Denmark safe?

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Is Christiania Denmark safe?

Safety in Christiania The area can be considered quite rough and dodgy. According to Copenhagen police the area around Pusher Street is controlled by organised criminal groups. The residents themselves have adopted to a set of rules for security reasons, which they strongly advice visitors to abide by.

Are drugs legal in Christiania Copenhagen?

Still at core an anarchist community, Christiania remains a place where drugs are freely sold and consumed without overt interference from the police — a weed-smoking Disneyland.

Are there no laws in Christiania Denmark?

Christiania is a self-governing society Since then it’s evolved into an autonomous, adaptable community with almost 1000 members, who have all agree to live by a certain set of principles which include fairness, equality, no taxes and having their own laws completely independent of the Danish government.

Is Christiania legal?

Since its opening, Christiania has been famous for its open cannabis trade, taking place in the centrally located Pusher Street, although named “Green Light District” by the Christianian council. Although the hash trade is illegal, authorities were for many years reluctant to forcibly stop it.

Can you walk naked in Christiania?

If you can manage not to stare, and you’re confident enough to sit in a room full of naked people, then this is a super fun experience and truly authentic to the ‘free’ nature of Christiania. In the colder months especially, this sauna is extremely popular.

Is Christiania worth visiting?

Christiania is still worth a visit. You can walk trough it in 10 minutes, the atmosphere is definitely different than the rest of Copenhagen. The “green district” is what the name suggest. They say it’s forbidden to take pictures, for a reason.

Is Christiania safe for tourists?

Having said that, Christiania is usually a safe and open place for everybody, as long as local rules and people are respected and tolerated. Keep in mind that no matter how relaxed Christiania might seem, possession and sale of cannabis are still illegal in Denmark….

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Is it safe to go to Christiania at night?

I asked at the hotel I was staying if they would advice me to go at night or during the day. Although generally speaking the area is really safe and family friendly, the atmosphere is just somewhat friendlier during the day.

Is it legal to smoke in Christiania?

Don’t assume smoking is legal While you’re visiting Christiania you have to keep in mind that buying and smoking weed is illegal in Denmark and that applies to Christiania too. The hippie neighbourhood may be known for its open cannabis trade but that doesn’t mean that it’s legal.