Is Indochino a luxury?

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Is Indochino a luxury?

INDOCHINO DEBUTS THREE NEW LINES IN ORDER TO STREAMLINE BUSINESS. Made-to-measure apparel company Indochino has launched its seasonal spring/summer 2018 collection along with an updated premium range and a brand new luxury line boasting the highest quality suit fabrics.

Are Indochino suits quality?

Indochino started out with suits but has since expanded to shirts, blazers, outerwear, chinos, and more. We’ve tested many styles from Indochino over the years, and have found everything to be of great quality and value. It’s our most recommended place to get made-to-measure clothing.

Is Indochino half canvas?

Since 2013, Indochino officially labels their suits as half-canvassed. @indochinoreview Confirmed. Our suits are half canvassed. Indochino just confirmed this very important fact via Twitter, their suits nowf all feature true half-canvas construction.

How long does it take to get a suit from Indochino?

4-6 weeks
FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE* Indochino garments are made-to-order and shipped in 4-6 weeks via DHL.

Where are INDOCHINO suits made?

Dalian, China
We partner with one of the world’s largest suit manufacturers, Dayang Group. Every garment produced by INDOCHINO is made in Dayang’s factory in Dalian, China, which is held to the highest production standards in the world.

Can you buy INDOCHINO off the rack?

EnterIndochino, a company that aims to revolutionize the way that men buy and wear suits. Indochino makes made-to-measure suits at off-the-rack prices, giving men an accessible path to custom-tailored style and a perfectly fitted suit for every frame and form.

Who is the owner of Indochino?

Drew Green (Nov 2015–)Indochino / CEO

Who owns Indochino suits?


Type Privately held company
Founders Kyle Vucko and Heikal Gani
Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia
Number of locations 79 (October 2021)
Key people Drew Green, CEO

Is Indochino made in China?

Every garment produced by INDOCHINO is made in Dayang’s factory in Dalian, China, which is held to the highest production standards in the world. Each garment is individually made according to the customer’s measurements and personalization preferences.

Is indochino made in China?

Who is indindochino?

INDOCHINO is a leading innovator in the world of Made to Measure menswear. Since our founding in 2007, we have elevated the design, production and delivery of perfectly tailored, fully personalized suits, shirts and accessories.

Is Indochino a health care professional?

At INDOCHINO, we are not health care professionals. If you have further questions about the virus, please contact your health care provider or explore the World Health Organization (WHO) or Centre For Disease Control (CDC) websites.

What is the ratio of appointments at Indochino?

All appointments are 1:1. To allow us to maintain social distancing, please let us know in advance if you will be bringing guests What is INDOCHINO doing to ensure the safety of its production employees?