Is Delta equivalent to a degree?

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Is Delta equivalent to a degree?

Ofqual, the exams regulator of the UK government, has confirmed that Cambridge ESOL’s Delta qualification for teachers is at the same level as a Master’s degree or a professional diploma in the European Union.

What level qualification is Cambridge Delta?

DELTA is currently accredited in the UK by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) at Level 7 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and is a 60-credit qualification.

How much does a Cambridge Delta Cost?

Delta Module Fees

Search Search in Course Name Course Mode Course Format Course Price (USD)
Course Name Course Mode Course Price (USD)
Delta Module 1 Course (10 weeks) Online $699 – with 30 hours live input
Delta Module 2 Course (15 weeks) Online $2,800
Delta Module 3 Support Package (8 weeks) Online $400

What is Delta module2?

Delta Module Two aims to develop candidates’ ability in the following areas: working with language learners in a variety of learning contexts. preparation for teaching learners of English. evaluation, selection and use of resources and materials for teaching purposes managing and supporting learning.

Is it worth doing a DELTA course?

“The DELTA is much more practical [than a Masters degree], as teachers develop their classroom teaching skills,” adds Bunyan. Plus, the certificate leads to roles of higher responsibility, which usually means a salary improvement.

Which is better CELTA or DELTA?

DELTA is a brand qualification awarded by the same organization that awards CELTA. However, DELTA is for people who already have at least one year of experience teaching English as a foreign language to non-native speakers. In other words, you’ll likely need a TEFL Certification before you decide to obtain a DELTA.

Is DELTA a good qualification?

Key features of DELTA Internationally recognised, highly respected and a benchmark for quality. Enables you to develop your career and prepare for more senior teaching roles.

Is Delta a good qualification?

Is it worth doing a Delta course?

What is the difference between Celta and Delta courses?

What Is The Difference Between DELTA and CELTA? CELTA is a brand of TEFL Certification and a TEFL Certification is the qualification you need to teach English abroad. DELTA is a brand qualification awarded by the same organization that awards CELTA.

What does Cambridge Delta stand for?

DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) | Cambridge English.

Is the delta hard?

If you want a personal challenge and feel the need to boost your confidence, gain and enormous amount of knowledge, and want to make a career as an ESL teacher, then yes, doing a Delta could be for you, but give it a long hard think, because it will certainly be one of the most challenging and exhausting courses you’ll …

What can I do with a delta qualification?

Typically DELTA qualified teachers can expect to have access to job postings for more senior positions such as senior teacher, academic coordinator and director of studies. You could also explore giving seminars and webinars, as well as writing blogs and materials.

Can I take Delta without CELTA?

Can I do the Delta without a CELTA qualification? It is not a requirement that you have the CELTA but you should at least have a similar initial teaching qualification.

How difficult is Delta course?

How hard is the Delta Module 1?

Delta module 1 is a very different animal to CELTA. It is much harder, and a large number of people actually fail. Even to pass, you will probably need to spend some time preparing (no matter how good a teacher you are).

What is Module 2 of the Delta Diploma?

Module 2 of our Cambridge ESOL Diploma in English Language Teaching (Delta) focuses on developing professional practice. The Cambridge Delta at British Council Egypt is accredited at level 7 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework.

Where can I take an orientation course for Delta Module 2?

a 2-week Orientation Course, run at International House London and in selected regional centres around the world OR a 4-week Online Orientation Course with your own classes for the teaching component. a Distance Component which covers all aspects of the Cambridge Delta Module 2 syllabus and assessment.

How can I study for Module 1 and Module 3 at distance?

You can study for module 1 and module 3 at distance through Distance Delta and take the module 1 exam at British Council Egypt in June or December every year. Please contact our Exams department if you would like to take the exam at the British Council.

How far in advance should I apply for Delta Module 2?

You can also read the Delta Module 2 Candidate Handbook and Delta Module 2 recommended reading list 3- We advise that you apply at least two months in advance. We aim to process applications within four weeks of receipt. Our courses run on a Sunday to Thursday working week.

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