How to play Electric Man 2?

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How to play Electric Man 2?

Electric Man 2 requires the use of a keyboard to belt out all your awesome moves. Use the left and right arrow keys to move left and right. Use the down arrow key to dodge or cartwheel out of a bad situation. You can use the keys A, S, and D to punch, kick, and grab.

Is Electric Man a flash game?

Electric Man is an awesome stickman fighter Flash game in which you must fight against a range of opponents using a variety of different punch and kick combos. Before you enter the game, you can choose the name and color of your stickman, and also the difficulty level (easy, normal or pro).

Who made Electric Man 2?

Electricman 2 itself was solely created by Damien Clarke, a software engineer and musician living in Melbourne, Australia. He first published the game on Albino Blacksheep in 2006 under the name Roboman and has created other games like Missile Game 3D, More Mindless Violence, and Bloxorz.

Which FRIV has electric man?

Jogos Friv
Jogos Friv – Electric Man.

Who is electric man?

Rajmohan Nair – The electric man: He is known as ‘Electricity Mohan’ or ‘Electro-Man’ for his ability of withstanding large amount of electricity passing through his body. According to a report, Rajmohan can withstand electricity up to thirty times the capacity of a normal human being.

How many rounds are there in Electric Man 2?

The goal of the game was to beat all 19 rounds of combat—which includes fighting many different combat teams with various abilities—in order to win the Tournament of Voltagen and claim the title of the strongest & most powerful being in the whole universe.

Who is Rajmohan Nair?

When did Electric Man 2?

Welcome to the Electric Man wiki, the collaborative community website about Electric Man that anyone can edit. Electricman 2 was a free online Flash game by DX Interactive that was released in early 2007 and could still be found on many different gaming sites prior to the discontinuation of Flash on December 31, 2020.

Who is known as the Electric Man of India?

Raj Mohan Nair
Known as the Electric Man of India, Raj Mohan Nair can withstand several amps of electricity passing through his body without any harm.

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