How many Franco Ontarians are there?

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How many Franco Ontarians are there?

622,000 Francophones
Franco-Ontarian Day and flag There are more than 622,000 Francophones and 1.5 million Ontarians who can speak French, making Ontario Canada’s largest Francophone community outside of Quebec.

Who is considered the 1st Franco-Ontarian 1600 1650 )?

Ontario’s French-speaking presence was first established during the French colonial regime in the early 17th century (see New France.)…Francophones of Ontario (Franco-Ontarians)

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How many Ontarians can speak both French and English?

The most important, Mandarin, was spoken by 610,835 people (1.8%). French and/or English are spoken by 98.2% of Canadians….French and English are the languages of inclusion.

Mother tongue Percentage
French 21%
English 57%
Other 22%

What percentage of Ontarians speak French?

Francophones make up 4.7% of the Ontario population, down slightly (-0.1%) since 2011. While the number of Francophones in Ontario is on the rise, the proportion of Francophones against the total population of the province has fallen since 1986. The Francophone population has increased in Eastern and Central Ontario.

Do they speak French in Sudbury Ontario?

Sudbury is known for its rich multicultural history. The City can also claim to be a truly bilingual community – over 25% of the population indicate French as their mother tongue and 38.7% of the population identify themselves as bilingual (2016 Census).

What percentage of Quebec speaks French?

In Quebec, 94.5% of the population reported being able to conduct a conversation in French in 2016, which is similar to the proportion from the 2011 Census (94.4%). In numbers, this represented just over 7.6 million individuals in 2016.

Why is French important in Ontario?

The French were the first to explore the province and establish permanent settlements. They are an integral part of Ontario’s history. The values of friendship, commercial development and exploration held by Champlain correspond to canadian values.

Is Quebec French-speaking?

Most of the country (around 21 million people) speaks English as a first language, and about seven million speak French as a first language, with a stark geographic and cultural divide between the two, sometimes called “the two solitudes.” Those francophones are found mostly in the province of Quebec, where French is …

What percent of Canada is French?

French and English are the languages of inclusion

First official language spoken Percentage
French 22.8%
English 75.4%
Neither English nor French 1.8%

Where do most French people live in Ontario?

Franco-Ontarians are mainly concentrated in eastern and northeastern Ontario in key Francophone cities like Ottawa, Sudbury, North Bay and Timmins. East of Ottawa, the counties of Prescott-Russell and Stormont Dundas Glengarry are rich in Francophone culture.

Where do most Francophones live in Canada?

The Canadian Francophonie by the numbers French is the first official language spoken for 22.8% of the population. The majority of Francophones (85.4%) live in Quebec and over 1 million live in other regions of the country. Almost 10.4 million Canadians can carry on a conversation in French.

Do Canadian schools teach French?

French and English are Canada’s official languages, to honour Canada’s historic anglophone and francophone communities. All English-language schools in Canada teach French as a second language.

Who are the most famous Franco-Ontarian artists?

The bands Swing, Deux Saisons, Brasse-Camarade, En bref, Konflit Dramatik and Afro Connexion, and singers Marcel Aymar, Damien Robitaille, Stef Paquette, Andrea Lindsay, Tricia Foster and YAO have been extremely successful. Franco-Ontarian music has become more diversified, and Franco-Ontarian artists now perform across Canada and around the globe.

Where can I find Franco-Ontarian music?

Annual music festivals include La Nuit sur l’étang in Sudbury and the Festival Franco-Ontarien in Ottawa. Notable figures in Franco-Ontarian music include Robert Paquette, Marcel Aymar, En Bref, Chuck Labelle, Les Chaizes Muzikales, Brasse-Camarade, Swing, Konflit Dramatik, Stéphane Paquette, Damien Robitaille and CANO .

What is it like to be a Franco-Ontarian author?

Since the 1970s, French Ontario has boasted a vibrant and diversified literature. And since the creation of the first Franco-Ontarian publishing house in 1973, Sudbury’s Éditions Prise de parole, Franco-Ontarian authors have had the privilege of publishing in their own province.

Is there a monument to Franco-Ontarians in Toronto?

A monument to Franco-Ontarians also exists at Queen’s Park in Toronto. The Notre Place monument commemorates the Franco-Ontarian community as well as the contributions the francophone community made to Ontario. The monument was first proposed in 2015.

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