How many bbl are in a MT?

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How many bbl are in a MT?

7.33 bbl
As the gallon is a unit of volume, the weight of a barrel depends on the density of the product. Approximate conversion factors follow: 1 metric ton (tonne) ¼ 7.33 bbl crude oil, 8.45 bbl gasoline, 7.80 bbl kerosene, 7.50 bbl gas oil, and 6.70 bbl fuel oil.

How do you convert mt to bbls?

1 tonne (T) = 1 metric ton (MT) = 1000 kg. 1 (oil) barrel (bbl) = 42 US gallons (158.9873 litres, 34.9723 Imperial gallons).

What is mt in Litres?

1 cubic meter is 1000 liters.

How many barrels are in a metric ton of propane?

12.4 barrels
From column 2 in Table 1 Hank can see there are 521 gallons or 12.4 barrels in a metric ton of propane.

What is tonne register?

Noun. register ton (plural register tons) (nautical, obsolete) A unit of a ship’s capacity equal to 100 cubic feet or 2.83 m3.

How many MT are in a barrel?


Barrels Metric Tonnes*
1 Barrel = 1 0.138
1 Litre = 0.00629 0.000858
1 US Gallon = 0.0238 0.00325
1 Metric Tonne = 7.25 1

How many gallons are in a LP barrel?

A barrel may be called a drum, but a drum usually holds 55 gallons.

Is ton register same as metric ton?

The 1,000 kg tonne is distinguished by its spelling, but in the US and UK it is pronounced the same as ton, hence the US term “metric ton”….

Unit system British imperial US customary
Unit of Mass
Symbol t

Is ton register same as tonne?

Ton, as a unit of volume, may also refer to the cargo capacity of ships or to the freight itself. The register ton is defined as 100 cubic feet, the freight or measurement ton as 40 cubic feet; an older measure of a ship’s displacement was based on the volume of a long ton of seawater, or 35 cubic feet.

Is barrel a metric unit?

A barrel (bbl) is defined a non-SI Metric System Unit typically used to measure the volume of liquid hydrocarbons. One-barrel weighs 42 U.S. gallons, equal to 0.159 cubic meters; 158.99 litres; or, 0.137 ton (the latter depends on the density of the petroleum).

How many Litres of diesel are in a metric ton?

Diesel has a density of 0.82 to 0.88 kg per litre at 15 degrees centigrade, depending on the grade of diesel. As you can see, it’s quite a difference across the various grades. However, the range of volume of diesel you would need for a tonne would be somewhere at or between 1136.4 litres and 1219.5 litres.

How many Litres ago is a metric ton?

In one metric tonne, there are 1,000 litres exactly.

How do you convert metric tons to barrels?

How Do You Convert Metric Tons to Barrels? Metric tons of crude oil can be converted to barrels by multiplying total tonnage by 7.33. The conversion rate for crude oil is an approximation because it is based on the worldwide average gravity of crude oil.

How to convert US barrels (oil) to other volume units?

US Barrels (Oil) conversion calculators, tables and formulas to automatically convert from other volume units. Language Metric Conversion> Metric Converter> Volume Converter> US Barrels (Oil) Conversion US Barrels (Oil) Conversion Use the search box to find your required metric converter

What is the conversion rate of refined oil to barrels?

Conversely, residual fuel oil converts at the lowest rate of refined oil products, at 6.7 barrels per metric ton. The fuels gasoline, kerosene and diesel can be converted to barrels by multiplying tons by 8.5, 7.8 and 7.5, respectively.

What are US barrels (oil)?

US Barrels (Oil) US measurement of volume for petroleum. See also US liquid barrels, US federal barrels, US dry barrels and UK barrels. Metric Conversion

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