How do I send a press release to The New York Times?

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How do I send a press release to The New York Times?

  1. Business. [email protected]
  2. Editorial. [email protected]
  3. Foreign. [email protected]
  4. Letter to the Editor. [email protected]
  5. Metro. [email protected]
  6. Sports. [email protected]
  7. Washington. [email protected]
  8. National. [email protected]

How many NY Times articles are free?

Online Access to the New York Times Non-subscribers have access to 10 articles per month before being asked to pay.

What political stance is The New York Times?

Editorial stance The editorial pages of The New York Times are typically liberal in their position.

Is there a free version of the NY Times?

The NY Times temporarily are providing free access to the most important news and useful guidance on the coronavirus outbreak to help readers understand the pandemic. Visit the NY Times COVID-19 hub page. There is no paywall and no registration is required.

How much does it cost to publish a press release?

Distributing your press release locally or to most states will cost $350. Targeting your top markets or regionally will bring the price up to $575, and sending your press release nationally will cost around $805. PR Newswire also has international distribution options.

How can I read the Times article for free?

Use Archive Websites as a Backdoor You can use these tools to access paywalled content and read subscription-based news articles for free—, Archive. today, and are reliable options. Visit the archive website in your browser, enter the webpage URL in the designated dialog box and select Save.

How do I avoid the NY Times paywall?

5 Ways You Can Still Get Around the New York Times Paywall

  1. Google the headline. This also works for the Wall Street Journal paywall.
  2. Use an incognito window in Chrome.
  3. Search for the link on Twitter.
  4. Use the NYClean bookmark.
  5. Quit complaining and pony up the $15 per month for quality journalism.

How much does NYT cost per month?

Your payment method will automatically be charged in advance the introductory offer rate of $4 every 4 weeks for 1 year, and after 1 year the standard rate of $17 every 4 weeks. Your subscription will continue until you cancel.

Who should I send my press release to?

Publicists usually send press releases to assignment editors and journalists who work for newspapers, magazines, television networks, radio stations or online media outlets.

Why is The New York Times Important?

The New York Times is dedicated to helping people understand the world through on-the-ground, expert and deeply reported independent journalism.

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