How do I get FedEx InSight?

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How do I get FedEx InSight?

An InSight demo can provide more information about the features of InSight. Go to, click on the top tab, “Track” and then select “FedEx InSight”. Click on the button, “View the demo now”. The link to the demo is also available on the InSight Registration Checklist screen.

What is FedEx InSight?

FedEx InSight is a free management tool on that lets you monitor the real-time status of your shipments and automatically alerts you and others of critical events that affect your shipments.

How do I link my FedEx account?

Yes. Log in to and click your name in the top navigation bar. From the dropdown, select My Profile. Next, select Account Management and click on “Add an account” to link an existing account number or open a new account.

How do you see what packages are coming to your house?

United States Postal Service The US Postal Service offers a free service named “Informed Delivery.” It’s an online dashboard that automatically informs you about mail and packages being sent to your address, and it also provides email notifications.

What is a door tag number?

A door tag is a notification left at your shipping address if you are not home to receive a package. The door tag number is associated with your package’s original tracking number and gives you easy steps to locate your package. Why did I get a door tag?

How do I find my FedEx account number Canada?

Call 1.866. 960.5500 to have one of our representatives set up your account. Call 1.866. 960.5500 to have one of our representatives set up your account.

Where do I get the 9 digit FedEx account number?

Your account number is the nine-digit number on the top right corner of your invoice. If you don’t have any invoices handy or you can’t view them on FedEx® Billing Online, please contact us. A FedEx representative will go through some security steps with you before providing your account number.

Can I track a FedEx package by address?

FedEx tracking by address is available, but you can’t access this information online. You’ll need to contact FedEx customer service during regular business hours and have a customer service representative give you an estimated time of arrival for your package.

How do you find out if you have a FedEx package coming?

Locate your FedEx package using a tracking number, track by reference or track by transportation control number (TCN). You can also track by using a FedEx Office order number or the number found on your door tag. Use one of the convenient options below to gain insight on your upcoming delivery.

How do I find my FedEx door tag?

You can use your door tag information to track your shipment through following options:

  1. Enter your door tag number into our online tracking tool.
  2. Text “follow” plus your door tag number to 48773.
  3. Scan the barcode on your door tag via the FedEx® Mobile app.

How do I find my FedEx door tag number?

The door tag number at the bottom is associated with your FedEx tracking number and will be needed to track your package and locate it, through any of the options below: Through the app by downloading the FedEx®Mobile app and scanning the barcode on your door tag.

How do I get a FedEx account number in Canada?

How do I set up a 9 digit FedEx account?

Six steps to create a User ID:

  1. Make sure you have created a 9-digit FedEx account.
  2. Click “Sign up/Log in” at the top of the page, and click “I already have a FedEx account.”
  3. On the “Contact Info” page, create a User ID and password, choose a secret question and enter your contact information.

How to use FedEx insight tracking tool?

– Track without a tracking or reference number – Receive proactive shipment notifications via email – Monitor all of your shipments

How do you set up a FedEx account?

Setting up your FedEx account is free and easy to do. You can apply for a FedEx account online by contacting us via this page [1].

How do you track FedEx?

FedEx offers a number of tools for customers to track their packages during the busy holiday season, which can be done for both domestic and international shipments. Customers should receive a FedEx tracking ID number, which can be entered online to see

How to track a FedEx package without a tracking number?

by the reference number assigned to your shipment. You can also use FedEx InSight®. [2] to track packages without a tracking number. FedEx InSight® is a value-added service that can provide eligible customers with a new level of visibility. Alternatively, you can call 03456 07 08 09 (open 7:30am – 7:30pm, Monday – Friday) to speak to one of our Customer Service Agents or visit for more contact options.

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