Why was Arias sentenced to life in prison?

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Why was Arias sentenced to life in prison?

Because a second jury was deadlocked in the penalty phase of Arias’ case, the death penalty was taken off the table, and a judge sentenced her to life in prison without the possibility of parole in April 2015.

What are the charges in the Montero case?

The charges arise from Montero’s ownership of Better Care, which billed Medicare for home health services that were never prescribed by a licensed physician or provided to Medicare beneficiaries. Mr. Greenberg commends the investigative efforts of the FBI and HHS-OIG. The case is being prosecuted by Trial Attorney David Snider. 18. United States v.

Was Jodi Arias denied a fair trial?

Hear her answer (CNN) The Arizona Court of Appeals on Tuesday upheld Jodi Arias’ murder conviction and life sentence in the 2008 killing of her ex-boyfriend, rejecting her assertions that she was denied a fair trial. Arias was convicted in 2013 and sentenced to life in prison in 2015 for killing her ex-boyfriend, 30-year-old Travis Alexander.

What happened at the Arias v Alexander trial?

The trial attracted a national audience riveted by the themes of sex and violence. During 18 days of testimony, Arias admitted shooting Alexander, arguing she did so in self-defense after he lunged at her. She said she remembered nothing about attacking him after the gunshot.

Why did Jodi Arias appeal her conviction?

Now 39, Arias appealed her conviction and sentence, arguing partly that trial publicity — including live media coverage of the proceedings — and a prosecutor’s alleged misconduct deprived her of a fair trial and impartial jury. Jodi Arias is sentenced in 2015 as her lawyer, Jennifer Willmott, looks on.

Does arias have a right to a new trial?

• Still, Arias isn’t entitled to a new trial and evidence overwhelmingly showed she was guilty. The evidence “would not have permitted any reasonable juror to acquit her of the charged offense.” • That evidence included “uncontroverted evidence that Arias planned the killing.”

Who is the witness in the Arias v Alexander case?

The witness was later revealed to be Arias, who suddenly felt uncomfortable in the spotlight. Much of the case focused on an effort by the defense to portray Arias as a victim of abuse by her family as a child and Alexander as an adult. Their goal was to win sympathy from the jury and get a life sentence instead of death.

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