Why is the Dacia Sandero so cheap?

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Why is the Dacia Sandero so cheap?

The Dacia Sandero is, and always has been, almost comically cheap. It makes no promises it cannot keep, and absolutely nails the brief Renault/Dacia set for it: simple, spacious motoring for pennies on the pound. Supermini size and space for (often sub) city car money.

Is Top Gear right about Base-spec Dacias?

I mention to Benoussan that Top Gear always has a quiet yearning for base-spec Dacias, like a Duster in flat white paint with steelies and unpainted bumpers. They seem the most honest. “We’ll continue to offer a ‘rough’ proposal at the entry price. It’ll have black bumpers. But it’s still safe.”

What makes a Dacia Sandero stronger than a Clio?

The Clio also uses some very high-strength hot-stamped steels in its structure, but the Dacia factory’s cheaper machinery can’t work that stuff, so instead the Sandero just gets its strength from thicker normal steel. “Our customers don’t care so much for Euro NCAP,” says Benoussan with unusual candour.

Why is the Mitsubishi Sandero so popular?

It uses efficient, modern engines compliant with the latest EU emissions standards. Most versions have a six-speed gearbox. It looks smart, and inside has more than enough space enough for five people and their luggage. The outgoing Sandero, which we like very much, looks and feels cheap. This new one just… doesn’t. Not as much, anyway.

What is the difference between the Sandero and Sandero Stepway?

What about the Stepway version? The Sandero Stepway is a bit more expensive. About a grand spec for spec versus the normal Sandero, with prices starting at £11,495 and rising to just over £15,000. The pseudo-crossover with 174mm extra ground clearance and a more rugged-looking body accounts for 60 per cent of Sandero sales in the UK.

How much does a Mitsubishi Sandero cost?

Less than one per cent of Sanderos sold are the entry-level Access model, with the vast majority of customers upgrading in pursuit of a better engine and more kit. Even so the most you can spend on a new Sandero is £12,795.

What’s the verdict on the new Sandero?

In size terms the new Sandero is very similar to the old one. At 4,088mm long, 1,848mm wide and 1,499 tall it’s a bit bigger than a Ford Fiesta. What’s the verdict? “ Makes no promises it cannot keep, and absolutely nails the brief Renault/Dacia set for it: simple, spacious motoring for pennies on the pound.

Is the Sandero the cheapest car you can buy in Britain?

It’s the cheapest new car you can buy in Britain, with prices starting from less than £8,000. Context? The least expensive versions of the UK’s best-selling superminis, the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa, cost more than double – a little over £16,000. And on the face of it neither is twice as much car as the new Sandero.

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