Why is Roger Daltrey involved with the Teenage Cancer Trust?

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Why is Roger Daltrey involved with the Teenage Cancer Trust?

Honorary patrons Roger Daltrey CBE Frontman of The Who, Roger is a longstanding patron and has been the driving force behind Teenage Cancer Trust’s Royal Albert Hall concerts since they began in 2000. “Every year Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall raises essential funds to support the charity’s work.

How many wives has Roger Daltrey?

As well as fathering the three children in secret, he is also father to Simon, 55, from his first wife Jackie; Mathias, 50, born to Swedish model Elisabeth Aronsson; and Rosie, 46, Willow, 43, and Jamie, 37, with his second wife, Heather Taylor.

Who started Teenage Cancer Trust?

Myrna Whiteson MBE
Dr Adrian Whiteson OBE and Myrna Whiteson MBE are the founders and life presidents of Teenage Cancer Trust.

What charity does Roger Daltrey support?

the Teenage Cancer Trust
Roger Daltrey has been a longstanding patron of the Teenage Cancer Trust for many years and, with Pete Townshend at his side giving his full support, has helped raise millions of pounds for the charity.

How can a Teenage Cancer Trust raise money?

Fundraising events

  1. Walk with us. Take on a charity walk!
  2. Game-a-thon: Gaming for charity UK. Hold a sponsored 12-hour game-a-thon – gaming for charity UK.
  3. Host a Great Garden Get-Together. Check out our garden fundraising ideas – why not make it a Great Garden Get-Together and raise money for teenagers with cancer.

Who are Roger Daltrey’s children?

Simon DaltreyWillow Amber DaltreyJamie DaltreyMathias DaltreyRosie Lea Daltrey
Roger Daltrey/Children

Is Teenage Cancer Trust a non profit?

We’re the only UK charity dedicated to meeting this vital need – so no young person faces cancer alone.

How did Teenage Cancer Trust start?

Teenage Cancer Trust grew out of the dedication and passion of a group of women, which included life president and founder Myrna Whiteson MBE, who fundraised for a children’s intensive care heart unit at Guy’s Hospital in 1989.

What do Teenage Cancer Trust do?

Teenage Cancer Trust offers unique care and support, designed for and with young people. We fund specialised nurses, youth workers and hospital units in the NHS, so young people have dedicated staff and facilities to support them throughout treatment.

Does Roger Daltrey have grandkids?

As well as his eight children, Roger has 15 grandchildren, and he and his extended family often go on holiday together, including even his ex-wife Jackie.

How long has Roger Daltrey been married to his wife?

As his new book is published, The Who’s Roger Daltrey tells Hannah Stephenson about the legacy of his life in rock ‘n’ roll, staying married for 50 years and being ‘the straight one’ in the hugely influential band.

How many UK cancer charities are there?

There are more than 185,000 registered charities in England and Wales. The number is rising by 5,000 a year. As you read this, another charity will be created somewhere in the country. The charity commission lists 620 cancer charities alone and more than 200 charities working with homeless people just in London.

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