Why is Panvel called Panvel?

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Why is Panvel called Panvel?

Panvel Municipal Corporation is the first Municipal Corporation in Raigad and the 27th Municipal corporation of Maharashtra State….Panvel.

Panvel Mumbai Metropolitan Region
Named for Paneli
• Body Panvel Municipal Corporation
• Municipal Commissioner Dr.Ganesh Deshmukh (IRS)

Which place is Panvel?

Location: Near Dhootpapeshwar, HOC Colony, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Is Panvel a good place to live?

Panvel has struck a good balance of social life along with retaining a good living culture. Panvel houses some famous multi-cuisine restaurants and pubs offering lively nightlife. Educational institutes in Panvel offer the best education.

Is it good to buy property in Panvel?

Of all the locations in Navi Mumbai, Panvel is now turning out to be a hot spot for a real estate boom. Property in Panvel offers a blend of breezy and breathtaking landscapes, state of the art architecture, connectivity and what not! We list a few reasons as to why Panvel is a good investment option for NRIs.

What is special in Panvel?

Panvel is an incredible tourist destination and is most famous as a honeymoon destination because of its most pleasant weather….9 Best Places To Visit In Panvel

  • Prabalgad Fort.
  • Ballaleshwar Mandir.
  • Beth El Synagogue Panvel.
  • Adai Waterfalls.
  • Khandeshwar Shiva Temple.
  • Karnala Bird Sanctuary.
  • Kalavantin Durg.

Is Panvel urban or rural?

Total area of panvel tehsil is 613 km² including 532.34 km² rural area and 80.47 km² urban area. Panvel tehsil has a population of 7,50,236 peoples, out of which urban population is 4,97,759 while rural population is 2,52,477. Panvel has a population density of 1224 inhabitants per square kilometre.

Is Panvel good for investment?

Panvel has emerged as a booming real estate market in the past few years. With the new airport being built the property prices are showing an upward rally and one should invest before it reaches a stage where you might feel you are priced out.

Is Godrej city panvel a good investment?

Godrej Woods City Panvel can be a good investment if the Navi Mumbai International Airport gets operational. This major infrastructural development will boost economic activity in the nearby areas and would change the skyline of Panvel.

How can I go to karnala fort by train?

How to Reach Karnala Fort by Train. The Central Railway has trains running between VT station (Mumbai) and Panvel. Panvel is the nearest railhead, and is a major railway station between Mumbai and Roha and on the Mumbai suburban line. From there auto rickshaws and taxis can take you to Karnala.

Where do you think we can perform any kind of social activities in Panvel?

Karnala Fort.

  • SMART Eco Park.
  • Gadeshwar Dam.
  • Orion Mall Panvel.
  • Adya Krantiveer Vasudev Balwant Phadke Auditorium.
  • Shree Swami Samarth.
  • Panvel Nagar Parishad Lake.
  • Bharat Pawar.
  • How many villages are there in Panvel?

    The Panvel Municipal Corporation includes Panvel city, 29 villages, Taloja MIDC and CIDCO areas and several gram panchayats.

    Is trekking allowed in Panvel?

    There are a number of treks near Panvel which have some beautiful summits like waterfalls, historical forts, as well as caves. Moreover, more of these trekking trails are situated in the close vicinity of Panvel which can be reached easily by road and even by public transport.

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