Why is my iTunes backup greyed out?

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Why is my iTunes backup greyed out?

If you have encountered iTunes backup now greyed out, then it can be because of its outdated version you are using on your computer. In most cases, outdated iTunes version is the reason for many problems when you back up or restore your iPhone via iTunes.

Can you still backup iPhone to iTunes 2020?

iTunes automatically backs up your device when you connect it to your computer. But you can also back up your device manually at any time. And if you have iOS 3.0 or later, iTunes can encrypt your backups to secure your data.

Why is my iPhone backup greyed out?

The most common reason for iPhone backup greyed out is system glitches. It could happen in any circumstances, so can your iCloud backup function. Poor network condition. iCloud is a network service so that you should check whether the network connection is good.

Can not backup iPhone?

Reset All Settings In turn, this reset may erase any settings interfering with your iCloud backups. Open Settings on your iPhone. Tap General -> Transfer Or Reset iPhone -> Reset -> Reset All Settings and confirm that you’d like to proceed. After your iPhone restarts, test your it by performing another iCloud backup.

Why won’t my iPhone backup to computer when I have enough storage?

Delete Corrupted Backups. Deleting corrupted backups to free up more space can be a direct way to fix the “iPhone backup cannot be saved because of not enough space on computer” error. Launch iTunes: go to iTunes > Preferences > Devices. Select the backup file and click the Delete Backup button.

Why is my Apple ID greyed out in settings?

Being greyed out means the Apple ID is inaccessible for the moment. Sometimes, it happens due to the maintenance on the Apple servers, but sometimes it is caused by some issues in the system. But whatever it is, you need to fix it as soon as possible if you want to use your iOS device properly, again.

How do you uncheck encrypt iPhone backup option greyed out?

The grayed out Encrypt checkbox can happen if you have a profile setup on your iOS device which has custom restrictions. In that situation, you will be unable to disable encryption and uncheck the Encrypt box.

Why can’t I backup my iPhone on my Mac?

Make sure that your Mac or PC is up to date. If you’re using iTunes, make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes. Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable and locate your device on your computer. If your device doesn’t appear in Finder or iTunes, find out what to do.

How much space does iTunes need to backup iPhone?

An iTunes backup would be stored in C Drive by default, and usually, you have to leave at least 10GB of free space in C Drive.

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