Why is moose blood Cancelled?

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Why is moose blood Cancelled?

Moose Blood have announced they’re stepping away from music after a what they describe as a “traumatic” year. They were due to support Good Charlotte on their 2019 tour but the band dropped them after pressure from fans. In 2017, Moose Blood’s drummer Glenn Harvey left because of claims of “inappropriate behaviour”.

Where is the band moose blood from?

City of Canterbury, United KingdomMoose Blood / OriginThe City of Canterbury is a local government district with city status in Kent, England. As well as Canterbury itself, the district extends north to the coastal towns of Whistable and Herne Bay. Wikipedia

What did moose blood do?

Moose Blood have announced that they’re going to “step away” from music, following a “traumatic year” off the “back of serious false allegations”. The band removed drummer Glenn Harvey in March 2017 following sexual harassment allegations against him that surfaced online.

Is Moose blood Midwest emo?

Reception. Moose Blood has been described as emo, pop punk and emo pop.

What genre is moose blood?

Alternative/IndieMoose Blood / Genre

Is Mom Jeans Midwest emo?

Mom Jeans is bringing their bittersweet brand of emo rock to The M-Shop Friday, Sept. 14. Despite hailing from Berkeley, California the band is described as Midwest emo, a sound that is sure to capture the hearts of many Iowa State music lovers.

Why is Mom Jeans Cancelled?

Mom Jeans/Graduating Life/Just Friends/Scratcher Art In July of 2020 many alt rockers were exposed on social media for sexual misconduct. Around this time, Bart Thompson was accused of bullying a girl and landed Mom Jeans on a list of abusers in the alt rock community.

Are skinny jeans Cancelled?

Gen Z Has Officially Canceled Skinny Jeans Maria Rugolo, an NPD Group apparel industry analyst, attributed preference for looser denim to our collective shift towards comfortable clothing, a trend accelerated by the pandemic.

Did Mom Jeans split?

However, in a reddit post, Eric Butler confirmed that they would no longer be working with the label and instead continue to work with Counter Intuitive Records to release their second album.

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