Why did Firefox turn black?

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Why did Firefox turn black?

When the text color on your background tabs is light/white, it triggers Firefox to use a dark background on menus, the sidebar, the Library window, and various built-in pages. It also signals sites that you have a dark theme preference.

How do I get rid of black bar in Firefox?

How to Remove Title Bar From Firefox and Save Some Precious Screen Space

  1. This feature could be useful to some people but for me, it is an annoyance.
  2. In the older Firefox browser, click on the hamburger menu.
  3. Go to Customization option.
  4. Disable Title Bar Option Firefox.

How do I change the color of the menu bar in Firefox?

All Replies (5) If you open the Firefox menu, select “Add-ons and Themes” and you will be able to choose from one of the other pre-installed themes or download a custom theme from the add-ons website.

Is there a dark mode for Firefox?

To activate Firefox dark mode on Windows, macOS, or Linux, simply open the main menu, click ‘Customize,’ and choose ‘Dark’ from the ‘Themes’ drop-down menu at the bottom of the page. If you want to spruce it up a bit so that your browser doesn’t look so plain, you can even apply themes.

Why is the top of my browser black?

Enter full-screen mode. Exit full-screen mode. That’s it – the black bar should be gone!

Why do I have a black bar at the top of my screen?

If the aspect ratio is listed as 2.35:1 or 2.40:1, which is common for big blockbuster and epic movie, you will see large black bars on the top and bottom of the image. If you have an older classic movie and the aspect ratio is listed as 1.33:1, you will see black bars on the left and right side of the image.

How do I restore the top menu bar?

If you’re running Windows or Linux and you don’t see the menu bar, it may have been accidentally toggled it off. You can bring it back from the Command Palette with Window: Toggle Menu Bar or by pressing Alt . You can disable hiding the menu bar with Alt by unchecking Settings > Core > Auto Hide Menu Bar .

How do I change the color of the context menu?

Add color to Windows Context Menu Right-click on the icon in your System Tray and adjust the settings. You can adjust the Menu Transparency, System-wide menu skins and language of the tool, by right-clicking on the icon. It comes with 28 system-wide context menu skins.

How do I change my browser back to white?

Click the Chrome menu ⋮ on the browser toolbar. In the menu click on the Settings item, and below the text Appearance you see the topic theme. Click on the gray button Reset to default theme to get back your default Chrome theme.

How do I change from dark to light in Firefox?

Firefox includes options to change some parameters, including text and background colors….Firefox may soon paint all sites in dark or light mode, if you…

  1. Select Menu > Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Language and Appearance section.
  3. Activate the “Colors” button on the page.

How do I fix the black bar at the top of my screen?

  1. Spot the black bar in a Chrome window. You’re most likely already at this step if you’ve stumbled upon this guide.
  2. Enter Chrome’s full-screen mode. The fastest way to do this is to hit F11 (or Fn+F11).
  3. Exit full-screen mode.
  4. Continue browsing – the black bar should be no more (for now)

How do I get rid of the black line at the top of my screen?

Remove big black bar from top and bottom of desktop

  1. Right-click your desktop, choose Personalize.
  2. At the bottom, click background.
  3. Finally, click Picture Position and choose either Stretch or Fill, whatever you prefer.
  4. Click Save Changes.