Why are kikuo songs so dark?

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Why are kikuo songs so dark?

Kikuo’s style of music is generally described as creepy and unsettling. The lyrics of his songs discuss dark and sensitive topics ranging from loneliness to abuse, which some of his listeners can relate to.

Is Gomenne Gomenne a real story?

Background. “Gomenne Gomenne” is an original song by Kikuo. While the lyrics are disturbing, the most common interpretations for this song are rape, assault, and abuse, or a combination of the aforementioned interpretations. Even though the interpretations vary, they all focus around a young girl and her father.

What does Gomene mean?

Gomen nasai (ごめんなさい, “I am very sorry”) is a formal Japanese-language apology for causing offense or damage. It is more polite than the standard “sumimasen” which would be used if you bumped into someone accidentally. It can also be shortened to gomen ne (ごめんね) or gomen (ごめん).

What does Arara Gomen mean?

What does arara gomen mean in japanese. arara gomen means Oh dear I am sorry. Gomen nasai (ごめんなさい, “I am sorry”) is an informal Japanese-language apology, less polite than the standard “sumimasen”. It can also be shortened to gomen ne (ごめんね) or gomen (ごめん).

Who created Miku?

Wataru Sasaki
The vision of Wataru Sasaki. Wataru Sasaki (born 1979) of Crypton Future Media, Inc. * is the creator of the virtual singer software “Hatsune Miku.” Since it was released 2007, a new creative culture has swept the Internet as huge numbers of users began uploading new Hatsune Miku songs and videos they created with it.

Which VOCALOID does kikuo use?

He mainly uses Hatsune Miku in his VOCALOID songs and has made demo songs for Tone Rion, IA, Anri Rune, and Hatsune Miku V3.

Is V4 flower a girl or a boy?

Development. V Flower is a Japanese female vocal with a powerful, cute yet androgynous voice designed to specialize in rock music. Her vocal allows for the reserved female tone needed for slow rock songs yet have the heavy sound needed for faster and more upbeat rock.

How old is Giga?

On his pixiv profile, he states that he is female, and he was born on (1991-12-15) December 15, 1991 (age 30). However, his twitter states that he is 33.

Are there any female Vocaloid producers?

Orebanana-P (おればななP) is a female VOCALOID producer best known for using Rin and Len in many of her songs. She has made many collaborations with Giga-P, tuning the vocals in his songs.

What does Gommene mean?

What is the meaning of Aishite?

Romaji: Aishite Aishite Aishite. English: Love Me, Love Me, Love Me.

Is Miku married?

Akihiko Kondo is married to Hatsune Miku – a computer-synthesised pop singer who has toured with Lady Gaga and starred in video games. Akihiko Kondo is not the only person who is in a relationship with a fictional character.

Why is kikuo so popular?

Kikuo (きくお) (born 1988) is a producer with steady popularity. His songs are known for having dark subjects paired with upbeat music. His use of unique instrumental textures, harmonies, and sound effects, along with a high level of attention to detail, gives his music a singular sound.

How old is Lily VOCALOID?


Name Kagamine Rin
Relase date 27/12/2007 (27 December 2007)
Age 14
Heigh 152cm
Weigh 43kg

Where is Chikadze from?

Tbilisi, GeorgiaGiga Chikadze / Place of birth

Who is Kira Vocaloid?

KIRA, (formerly YusukeKira), is a 21 year old producer from Germany who produces both original and cover songs. He also made a demo for CYBER SONGMAN, “Fighter”. He first gained popularity through his song “Circles”. He started producing in January 2016.

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