Who wrote You Are My Sunshine lyrics?

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Who wrote You Are My Sunshine lyrics?

Charles MitchellYou Are My Sunshine / ComposerCharles Mitchell is a songwriter, best known as a collaborator with Jimmie Davis. Davis’s best-known composition, “You Are My Sunshine”, published in 1939 was co-written by Mitchell. Wikipedia

Where did the song You Are My Sunshine originate from?

“You Are My Sunshine” was written in the 1930s, but there are various accounts about who wrote it. Paul Rice copyrighted the song in 1937. However, the family of musician Oliver Hood, a colleague of Rice’s, have claimed that Hood actually wrote the song.

Is You Are My Sunshine a metaphor?

Yes. Unless the speaker is literally speaking directly to sunshine, then this is a metaphor.

Who originally sung You Are My Sunshine?

The song was released in 1939 by songwriter Paul Rice and has been recorded over 350 times by artists like Bob Dylan, Gene Autry, The Pine Ridge Boys, Johnny Cash, Carly Simon, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and Brian Wilson.

What does GREY sky mean?

3 adj If the weather is grey, there are many clouds in the sky and the light is dull. It was a grey, wet April Sunday. ♦ greyness n-uncount.

Who did the original version of You Are My Sunshine?

What figure of speech is Baby You Are My Sunshine?

What is the meaning of the Moon is a white balloon?

The moon is a white balloon. Explanation: In this metaphor, the moon is compared to a white balloon. A balloon can float around and grow bigger or smaller. This metaphor suggests that the moon is growing, shrinking or moving slowly across the sky.

What is the meaning of You Are My Sunshine?

It means you are the light of my life, you are dear to me, you are important and special, etc. It’s from a little kids’ song: You are my sunshine.

Why is the song You Are My Sunshine so sad?

1) You Are My Sunshine We might not realize just how sad a song is when parts of the song commonly get left out and that is certainly the case with “You Are My Sunshine.” The lyrics in full speak of a love that has gone away, the person left behind pleading through troubled dreams for the return of their dearest.

Where does You Are My Sunshine come from?

“You Are My Sunshine” is a song published by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell on January 30, 1940. According to Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), the song has been recorded by over 350 artists and translated into 30 languages.

Who wrote Ring of Fire?

Merle KilgoreJune Carter Cash
Ring of Fire/Composers
Released on April 19, 1963, “Ring of Fire” was one of Cash’s biggest hits and appeared on the album Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash. The song was co-written by Cash’s future wife, June Carter, and songwriter/producer Merle Kilgore.

Is there a dark meaning behind You Are My Sunshine?

TIL that “You Are My Sunshine” is actually a very dark song and the full lyrics contain threats of violence.

What does hung his head mean?

shame or embarrassment
Definition of hang one’s head : to have one’s head turned downward because of shame or embarrassment He hung his head in shame.

What is meaning of Ring of Fire?

The Ring of Fire, also referred to as the Circum-Pacific Belt, is a path along the Pacific Ocean characterized by active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. The majority of Earth’s volcanoes and earthquakes take place along the Ring of Fire.

What does Ring of Fire mean spiritually?

The Ring of Fire: The outside ring of a mandala, known as the ring of fire, serves as a boundary between the outer world, full of chaos, and the sanctity found within the mandala.

Is You Are My Sunshine about a horse?

The song was an ode to Davis’ horse Sunshine. The horse’s original saddle is on display at the Old Governor’s Mansion.

When did Johnny Cash Write You Are My Sunshine?

This is a song recorded by Johnny Cash. It was released in 1969 as the tenth single from his album, Land of the Free Home of the Brave (Previously Unreleased Session). “You Are My Sunshine” was written by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell.

What does putting the horse before the cart mean?

to do things in the wrong order
: to do things in the wrong order People are putting the cart before the horse by making plans on how to spend the money before we are even certain that the money will be available.

Has taken a backseat meaning?

Definition of take a back seat : to have or assume a secondary position or status : to be or become less important, active, or powerful Howard loved directing “more than I even thought I would,” and his acting career has taken a back seat ever since. —

What figure of speech is the mountain of pounded yam?

Hyperbole: It is often used for comedic effect and/or emphasis. An example is: “He ate a mountain of pounded yam”. The individual in question is not eating a mountain but rather a pounded yam that is much in appearance.

What is Louisiana’s state song?

The official state song is “Give Me Louisiana,” written in 1970 by Doralice Fontane, and not only former Gov. Jimmie Davis’ version of “You Are My Sunshine,” as many thought.

What is 5 in Ring of Fire?

4 – All those who identify as female drink. 5 – Thumbmaster, the player who drew the card must put their thumb on the table at a chosen time (before the next five gets picked though, or they lose the right). The last person to put their thumb on the table must drink. 6 – All those who identify as male drink.

Is the Philippines in the Ring of Fire explain?

The Philippines is located along a typhoon belt and the so-called Ring of Fire, a vast Pacific Ocean region where many of Earth’s earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur.

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