Who wrote the poem I thought of you today?

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Who wrote the poem I thought of you today?

I Thought Of You With Love Today Poem Lyrics

Poem Title I Thought Of You With Love Today Poem
Poem Writer / Author Leo Marks
Publisher Souvenir Pr Ltd
I Thought Of You With Love Today Lyrics Printable LYRICS PDF (for printing) LYRICS WORD DOC

How do you express thinking about you?

Thinking of You

  1. “I’ve been thinking about you.”
  2. “You’ve been on my mind a lot lately.”
  3. “Thinking of you always makes my day.”
  4. “Just wanted to send some happy thoughts your way today.”
  5. “I just came across an old photo of us, and it got me thinking about how much fun we always have together…”

How do you tell someone you’re thinking about them without saying it?

How do you tell your man you miss him?


  1. I wish you were here right now.
  2. I miss you the way a chubby kid on a diet misses cake.
  3. Your arms around me felt like home.
  4. You don’t even have the slightest idea how much I miss you.
  5. One of your hugs would be nice right now.
  6. I just want to be where you are.
  7. I miss you all the way to the moon and back.

How do you say I miss you without sounding desperate?

How Do You Tell Someone You Miss Them?

  1. Let him know that he’s on your mind.
  2. Invite him to do something with you in the near future.
  3. Share an inside joke.
  4. Reminisce about a good time that you had together.
  5. Ask him how his day is going.

What are some famous poems about missing someone?

The Wind is Blowin’ – Charles Badger Clark

  • When You Go – Jessie Belle Rittenhouse
  • How It Used To Be – Melanie Edwards
  • Love – Pablo Neruda
  • Every Moment
  • Heart Song
  • What to do if someone you love goes missing?

    Do Not Expect Pain of Missing Someone to Go Away Overnight. There is an adjustment period when a person you care about is gone.

  • Accept the Pain of Loneliness and Missing Someone. There are going to be days that all you want to do is lay on the bed and cry.
  • Embrace the Good Things And Find Hope For Love With Somebody In The Future.
  • Should you ever give up on someone you love?

    You should never give up on the people you love and who loves you unconditionally, people like who had been there for you when you needed them/ not needed them, who sacrificed their needs and desire for you without even making you feel that they did so, who called you on your mistakes but never left you for that!

    How do I Miss you Poems?

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