Who wrote I Drove All Night Cyndi Lauper?

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Who wrote I Drove All Night Cyndi Lauper?

Cyndi LauperTom KellyBilly Steinberg
I Drove All Night/Composers

What is Cyndi Lauper famous song?

Cyndi Lauper has lived a multi-colored life, from her punkier days—even touring with The Ramones in the early ’80s—and 1983 debut She’s So Unusual with hits “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” “Time After Time,” and “Money Changes Everything,” through an explosive follow up True Colors, and A Night to Remember (1988) with …

Who was the first person to sing I Drove All Night?

Roy Orbison
“I Drove All Night” is a song written and composed by American songwriters Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly and originally intended for Roy Orbison. Orbison recorded the song in 1987, the year before his death, but his version was not released until 1992.

How many albums does Cyndi Lauper have?

She’s So Unusual1983At Last2003True Colors1986Memphis Blues2010A Night to Remember1989Detour2016
Cyndi Lauper/Albums

What is Cyndi Lauper’s favorite song?

Girls Just Want to Have FunTime After TimeTrue ColorsI Drove All NightShe Bop (album version)Iko Iko
True Colors: The Best of Cyndi Lauper/Songs

Who wrote the Roy Orbison song I Drove All Night?

Tom KellyBilly SteinbergCyndi Lauper

What was Cyndi Lauper’s number one song?

# 1 – True Colors As we come to a close on our top 10 Cyndi Lauper songs lite we turn to her magnificent song “True Colors.” This beautiful heart warming song was released on Cyndi Lauper’s second album also entitled True Colors. The song was written by Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg.

What is the song in the I Drove All Night music video?

The music video for “I Drove All Night”, directed by Scott Kalvert and Cyndi Lauper, features the opening lines from the song “Kindred Spirit”, shots of an antique car, Lauper’s characteristically manic dancing, and movie film projected onto Lauper’s naked body.

Why did Cyndi Lauper write I Drove All Night?

“I Drove All Night” was recorded by Cyndi Lauper for A Night to Remember, her third solo album. Lauper said she wanted to do it because she liked the idea “of a woman driving, of a woman in control.”

When did Celine Dion wrote I Drove All Night?

“I Drove All Night” was recorded by Celine Dion for her eighth English-language studio album, One Heart (2003), and released as the lead single on January 21, 2003. The song was featured in a promotional ad for Chrysler.

What is Cyndi Lauper famous for?

Cyndi Lauper (born Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper on June 22, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York, United States), is a Grammy Award-winning singer (who possesses a four-octave vocal range) and Emmy Award-winning film, television and theatre actress. She was lead singer of the rockabilly band Blue Angel before her rise to fame as a solo singer.

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