Who wrote Duran Duran ordinary world?

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Who wrote Duran Duran ordinary world?

Simon Le BonJohn TaylorNick RhodesWarren Cuccurullo
Ordinary World/Lyricists

What songs did Duran Duran sing?

Come UndoneOrdinary WorldHungry Like the WolfSave a PrayerThe Wild BoysGirls on Film
Duran Duran/Songs

What film is ordinary world in?

Layer Cake
The music video was filmed by director Nick Egan at Huntington Gardens in San Marino, California and the song later featured in the soundtrack to the film Layer Cake in 2005.

How Old Is Duran Duran?

How old are Duran Duran? Duran Duran first formed in 1978, making the band as a whole 43 years old. When it comes to the current members, Simon Le Bon is 63 years old. Nick Rhodes is 59, and both John Taylor and Roger Taylor are 61 years old.

Who is the girl in ordinary world video?

Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop

Video Women
Femme Fatale Nina Brosh, a top 90’s model. (Wik)
New Moon on Monday Patricia Barzyk, winner of the Miss France title in 1980, 2rd place Miss World 1980. Starred in many movies. (IMDB)
Ordinary World Virginia Anne Douglas (rumour), as the Bride, a West coast/LA model.

What is Duran Duran famous song?

6: Girls On Film (1981) Peaking at No. 5 in the UK, Duran Duran’s breakthrough hit, Girls On Film, was the most successful song taken from their debut album.

What year did ordinary world come out by Duran Duran?

1993Ordinary World / Released

What Duran Duran album is ordinary world on?

Duran DuranOrdinary World / Album

Who is the girl in Duran Duran serious video?

model Tess Daly
The black and white video, set at a circus, was directed by the duo Big TV! and features model Tess Daly.

What year was Duran Duran ordinary world?

What was Duran Duran’s first hit?

Planet Earth
Duran Duran’s first single, “Planet Earth” (with B-Side “Late Bar”) is released in UK. The “Planet Earth” single (with B-Side “To The Shore”) is released in America.

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