Who won the Yukon Quest 2021?

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Who won the Yukon Quest 2021?

Brent Sass
WHITEHORSE, Yukon (KTUU) – Brent Sass and his sled dog team cruised into a first-place finish in the Yukon Quest 300 on Monday night, dominating both the Alaskan and Canadian sides of the series of races.

What is the sled dog race in Fairbanks Alaska?

the Open North American Championship Sled Dog Race
The Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race, Fairbanks’ most famous long-haul race, takes place in February and the Open North American Championship Sled Dog Race also known as the “granddaddy of all sprint races” is held every year in March.

Who won the 2022 Yukon Quest?

Brent Sass and his 14 dogs cruised to a decisive win in the Yukon Quest 350-mile race Tuesday morning, arriving in downtown Fairbanks at 6:09 a.m. The Wild and Free team, led by dogs Lucy and Morello, was greeted by a small crowd of cheering onlookers.

What is a Yukon dog?

Yukon Quest sled dogs are elite, marathon athletes. Bred from stock that survived and thrived during the Gold Rush Era, no animal on earth can match them for endurance, dedication and their ability to perform in the extreme conditions of the North.

How long does the Yukon Quest take?

10 to 16 days
The Yukon Quest race starts on schedule regardless of weather and lasts from 10 to 16 days until the final dog team arrives at the finish line.

Who won the Copper Basin 300?

musher Brent Sass
Eureka-based musher Brent Sass won the 2022 Copper Basin 300 sled dog race on Monday afternoon, racing across the finish line in Glennallen with his 10-dog team.

Who is Jesse on life below zero?

A subsistence resident of Nenana, Jessie is currently works as a carpenter and TV personality, appearing the Life below Zero, a documentary television show about the daily lives of people living in remote Alaska. He lists his hobbies as running ultra-marathons, hunting and fishing.

What is the Copper Basin 300?

The Copper Basin 300 is one of the first competitive mid-distance sled dog races in Alaska’s season, with some of the same mushers slated to run the Kuskokwim 300 later in January, the Yukon Quest in February, the Iditarod in March and the Kobuk 440 in early April.

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