Who won Supercross tonight in Detroit?

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Who won Supercross tonight in Detroit?

Eli Tomac took the win and command of the points in a wild Detroit Supercross. Photo Credit: Feld Entertainment, Inc. After SGB Unlimited Honda’s Cade Clason grabbed the holeshot, Twisted Tea Suzuki’s Justin Bogle jumped into the early lead in the 450SX Main Event with Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin right behind.

Who won the 450 Supercross race?

The gate dropped for the 450SX main event with most of the big guns heading up the field. Jason Anderson quickly grabbed the spot from Justin Bogle and took off with the lead. The Kawasaki rider rode off with the first position, taking his seventh win of the season and the fourth win in a row.

Who won the Monster Energy Motocross today?

The 29-year-old Tomac becomes oldest season champion in AMA Supercross history. Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing’s Eli Tomac earned his second Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship at Empower Field at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colo., on Saturday night.

Who won the 450 class?

Jason Anderson would win his fourth race in a row with Chase Sexton in second and Justin Barcia in third as the leaders lapped all the way up to seventh. POS. With the 1v1 going on back in third place, Chase Sexton grabbed a solid second.

What happened in Detroit Supercross?

Eli Tomac on Saturday, won Heat 1 and the main event in the 450cc Supercross in Detroit’s Ford Stadium. Eli Tomac got off to a slow start Saturday in the 450cc Supercross in Detroit, but charged into second place midway through the race and overtook Jason Anderson for the lead and eventual victory.

Who is Eli Tomac married to?

Jessica TomacEli Tomac / Spouse (m. 2021)

Who won last night’s AMA Supercross?

Eli Tomac wins fourth straight Supercross race in Round 11 – NBC Sports.

Who won supercross 450 last week?

Eli Tomac won his fourth consecutive Monster Energy Supercross race in Indianapolis as the remainder of the Round 11 results allowed him to further separate from the competition in the points.

What happened Dylan Ferrandis?

“Unfortunately, I had a small crash Tuesday, and I hurt my left thumb. I thought it was a minor sprain, but the medical exam showed a broken ligament with the Stenner effect, which means it will never recover without surgery.

Who won Supercross this week?

Jason Anderson won his second consecutive and fifth overall race of the 2022 Supercross Season in Round 15 in Foxborough, Massachusetts to push the championship battle at least one more week.

Who is the points leader in 450 supercross?

Eli Tomac
450SX Points Standings

Position Rider Points
1 Eli Tomac Cortez, CO 359
2 Jason Anderson Edgewood, NM 350
3 Malcolm Stewart Haines City, FL 314
4 Marvin Musquin La Reole 305

What happened to Eli Tomac?

Right after the big win, Eli explained in his post race interview that he sustained a knee injury at Round 14 in Atlanta (during the Heat race) and later he explained that he had torn his MCL in his left knee, making it difficult to squeeze the bike.

Who was fastest in qualifying for the 2022 Monster Energy Supercross season?

The 450 class has landed in the Motor City for the tenth round of the 2022 Monster Energy Supercross season. Eli Tomac is in the lead for the championship with Jason Anderson and Cooper Webb in second and third. However, it was none other than Malcolm Stewart who was able to spin a lap around the frigid Detroit track the fastest in qualifying.

Who is the leader of the Monster Energy Supercross 450 Championship?

The 450 class has landed in the Motor City for the tenth round of the 2022 Monster Energy Supercross season. Eli Tomac is in the lead for the championship with Jason Anderson and Cooper Webb in second and third.

What happened at the 250SX Grand Prix of Detroit?

The 250SX main event was a tooth and nail battle as no one had a true advantage on the tight Detroit track. Jett Lawrence managed to edge the field to the line for the holeshot, but it was Stilez Robertson again taking the early lead. He held the front spot until turn two where he was overtaken by both Lawrence and Pierce Brown.

What happened in the MotoGP 450 Main Event?

A wild start to the 450 main event was simply a foreshadow for the race. Justin Bogle on the HEP Suzuki machine grabbed the holeshot and the early lead. Bogle led the first two laps of the race before eventually finishing eighth. Justin Barcia took over the lead from Bogle and proceeded to lead the next three laps of the race.

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