Who was the Bengals QB in 2000?

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Who was the Bengals QB in 2000?

Akili Smith

Pos Player Summary of Player Stats
Offensive Starters
QB Akili Smith 118 for 267, 1,253 yards, 3 td, 6 int, & 41 rushes for 232 yards and 0 td
RB Corey Dillon* 315 rushes for 1,435 yards, 7 td, & 18 catches for 158 yards and 0 td
WR Peter Warrick 51 catches for 592 yards, 4 td, & 16 rushes for 148 yards and 2 td

Who did the Bengals draft in 2001?

Drafted Players

Rnd Player From
1 Justin Smith 2001
2 Chad Johnson 2001
3 Sean Brewer 2002

Who did the Bengals draft in 1999?

1999 Cincinnati Bengals Draft

  • Akili Smith, QB. Oregon. QB. Oregon.
  • Charles Fisher, DB. West Virginia. DB. West Virginia.
  • Cory Hall, DB. Fresno State. DB. Fresno State.
  • Craig Yeast, WR. Kentucky. WR. Kentucky.
  • 135. Nicolas Luchey, RB. Miami. Miami.
  • 173. Kelly Gregg, DT. Oklahoma. DT.
  • 209. Tony Coats, OG. Washington.
  • 245. Scott Covington, QB. Miami.

What is the Bengals record this season?

The Bengals finished with a 10–7 record, exceeding their win total from the previous two seasons combined. The Bengals clinched their first winning season, first playoff appearance, and first AFC North title since 2015….

2021 Cincinnati Bengals season
Division place 1st AFC North

Who were the quarterbacks for Cincinnati Bengals?

Joe BurrowJake BrowningBrandon Allen
Cincinnati Bengals/Quarterbacks

Who were the past quarterbacks for the Cincinnati Bengals?

Most games as starting quarterback

Name Period GS
Ken Anderson 1971–1986 172
Andy Dalton 2011–2019 133
Boomer Esiason 1984–1992, 1997 123
Carson Palmer 2004–2010 97

Who was the Bengals QB in 2002?

Jon Kitna

Pos Player GS
QB Jon Kitna 12
RB Corey Dillon 16
FB Lorenzo Neal* 8
WR Chad Johnson 14

Who was the Bengals first ever draft pick?

Bob Johnson
They joined the National Football League as a result of the 1970 AFL–NFL merger. The Bengals’ first draft selection was Bob Johnson, a center from the University of Tennessee. The team’s most recent first-round selection was Ja’Marr Chase, a wide receiver from the Louisiana State University.

Who is 98 on the Bengals?

David Vernon “D. J.” Reader Jr.

No. 98 – Cincinnati Bengals
Weight: 347 lb (157 kg)
Career information
High school: Grimsley (NC)
College: Clemson

Who was drafted in the NFL in 1999?

1999 NFL Draft Revisited

  • Browns: Tim Couch, QB Kentucky.
  • Eagles: Donovan McNabb, QB Syracuse.
  • Bengals: Akili Smith, QB Oregon.
  • Colts: Edgerrin James, RB Miami.
  • Saints: Ricky Williams, RB Texas.
  • Rams: Torry Holt, WR NC State.
  • Redskins: Champ Bailey, CB Georgia.
  • Cardinals: David Boston, WR Ohio State.

Why are Cincinnati called Bengals?

Founded by Paul Brown Brown chose the name Bengals as a link to a local pro team called the Cincinnati Bengals that had played from 1937 to 1941. The original Bengals had been named by founder Hal Pennington after the Bengal stove in his mother’s kitchen.

What is the Cincinnati Bengals best record ever?

The Cincinnati Bengals had their best record in a season in 1975, with a record of 11-3.

How many QBs have the Bengals had?

Who was the best Bengals QB?

The Franchise QBs: Final rankings of the top signal-callers in Bengals history

  1. Ken Anderson.
  2. Boomer Esiason.
  3. Carson Palmer.
  4. Andy Dalton.
  5. Jeff Blake.

How many QBS have the Bengals had?

Who were Bengals Super Bowl quarterbacks?

Ken Anderson – Bengals Quarterback. Ken Anderson was a four-time Pro Bowler who played 192 games in a career highlighted by leading the Bengals to their first Super Bowl while winning the NFL MVP and passing title in 1981.

Which college has the Bengals drafted the most players out of?

the University of Alabama
The Bengals have selected the number one overall pick in the draft four times. They have also selected the second overall pick two times and the third overall pick four times. The team’s four selections from the University of Alabama are the most chosen by the Bengals from one university.

Who did the Bengals draft in 2005?

2005 Cincinnati Bengals Draft

  • David Pollack, LB. Georgia. LB. Georgia.
  • Odell Thurman, LB. Georgia. LB. Georgia.
  • Chris Henry, WR. West Virginia. WR. West Virginia.
  • 119. Eric Ghiaciuc, C. Central Michigan. C. Central Michigan.
  • 153. Adam Kieft, OT. Central Michigan. OT. Central Michigan.
  • 190. Tab Perry, WR. UCLA. WR.
  • 233. Jonathan Fanene, DE. Utah. DE.
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