Who was helping Clyde in Law Abiding Citizen?

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Who was helping Clyde in Law Abiding Citizen?

Rupert Ames
Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler), a Philadelphia engineer, witnesses the rape and murder of both his wife and five-year old daughter at the hands of two burglars who break in his house: Clarence J. Darby (Christian Stolte) and accomplice Rupert Ames (Josh Stewart), leaving Shelton emotionally scarred.

Why did Clyde strip in Law Abiding Citizen?

By doing this, Clyde is removing any potentiality of him being fired upon by most explicitly showing that he has no weapons on or around him, and has no intent of resisting arrest. From the screenplay of the film, obtained from IMSDb: He stands.

Is there a part 2 to Law Abiding Citizen?

A sequel to 2009’s Law Abiding Citizen is happening with producer Lucas Foster and screenwriter Kurt Wimmer at the helm, as well as Gerard Butler and his G-Base partner Alan Siegel returning as producers.

Will there be a Law Abiding Citizen 2?

No cast has been set for “Law Abiding Citizen 2,” but Butler will return as a producer on the film along with his partner Alan Siegel for G-Base, and the film’s original producer Lucas Foster and screenwriter Kurt Wimmer will also be reprising their creative roles on the sequel.

Why does Gerard Butler strip naked in Law Abiding Citizen?

And once this character gets going, he’s completely unpredictable. And yet, when you distill it down, it makes complete sense that he would strip off, because he doesn’t want anything to interfere with his plans, because he’s playing it completely safe.

Who got raped in Law Abiding Citizen?

Sexual Content In a very violent, very quick scene that should make everyone who sees it sick to their stomach, Clyde’s wife is simultaneously raped and killed. And we’re left disturbingly unclear as to what happens to Clyde’s daughter—a girl of maybe 6 or 7—in the moments before she’s murdered.

Why are new films so dark?

If a movie utilizes special effects makeup or if a shot picks up lighting cables in the background, the darkness provides a great solution for hiding things that filmmakers don’t want the audience to notice.

Where was Law Abiding Citizen filmed?

Filming began in January 2009 and took place in and around Philadelphia. Filming locations included Philadelphia’s City Hall, Laurel Hill Cemetery and the now closed Holmesburg Prison. Holmesburg’s “Thunderdome command center” is quite evident in the movie.

Is Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen 2?

What happened to Rupert Ames?

Ames is convicted and sentenced to death, while Darby is released after a few years. Clyde feels betrayed by Nick and the justice system. Ten years later, Ames is executed via lethal injection, but he dies in agonizing pain due to a chemical alteration; evidence implicates Darby, who is alerted by an anonymous caller.

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