Who took the photo of Alan Kurdi?

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Who took the photo of Alan Kurdi?

Nilüfer Demir
Nilüfer Demir (born 1986) is a Turkish photojournalist and photographer based in Bodrum, Turkey. She worked with Doğan News Agency since she was a teenager. She covered the European migrant crisis during the summer of 2015 and her photographs of Alan Kurdi became world news on 2 September 2015.

What the image of Aylan Kurdi says about the power of photography?

This is an image that can galvanize attention around a crisis that has been ignored for too long. ‘”

What happened to Abdullah Kurdi’s family?

The boy, along with his parents and older brother, were on a rubber boat carrying Syrians who had fled the country’s civil strife and hoping to find a new life in Europe. The vessel capsized on the way to the Greek island of Kos. Of the four family members, only the father, Abdullah Kurdi, survived.

How many Syrian refugees are going to Europe?

Before Russian attacks on Ukraine led to mass displacement, Europe was already grappling with the Syrian refugee crisis – an issue that had bitterly divided European Union nations in recent years over what to do with the 1.1 million Syrians who sought refuge in Europe.

How many Syrian refugees have died trying to escape?

The International Organization for Migration estimates that 23,000 people have perished since 2014 while trying to cross the Mediterranean in rickety boats or rubber dinghies, peaking at more than 5,000 in 2016.

How many migrants have died crossing the Channel 2021?

On 24 November 2021, an inflatable dinghy carrying migrants from France to the United Kingdom capsized in the English Channel causing the deaths of 27 of the 30 people on board….November 2021 English Channel disaster.

Part of the English Channel migrant crossings (2018–present)
Date 24 November 2021
Cause Vessel capsized
Deaths 27
Non-fatal injuries 2
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