Who started acid jazz?

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Who started acid jazz?

In 1988, prominent producers DJs Eddie Piller and Gilles Peterson started the Acid Jazz record label, officially coining the phrase. The label released a self-titled compilation series that reissued jazz-funk music from the 1970s and introduced the world to new artists who exemplified the sound.

Why is acid used in jazz?

The term “acid jazz” originally was a wordplay on the acid house style of dance music coined in 1987 following the establishment of the Acid Jazz record label founded by Gilles Peterson, and Eddie Piller. The duo released their first compilation of rare tracks that included jazz, funk and spoken word.

Is Acid Jazz real?

Acid jazz (also known as club jazz, psychedelic jazz, or groove jazz) is a music genre that combines elements of funk, soul, and hip hop, as well as jazz and disco. Acid jazz originated in clubs in London during the 1980s with the rare groove movement and spread to the United States, Japan, Eastern Europe, and Brazil.

What defines acid jazz?

Acid jazz represents a synthesis of jazz fusion, funk, hip-hop, and urban dance music. Its improvisational, percussion-heavy, and predominantly live orientation came largely from jazz, whereas its dedication to an ongoing rhythmic groove were borrowed from the latter three genres.

When was acid jazz most popular?

Chart-topping hits: By the mid-1990s, acid jazz was gracing mainstream radio and MTV. The biggest hits included “Virtual Insanity” by Jamiroquai and “Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)” by Us3. A fade into other genres: As the 1990s drew to a close, acid jazz fell out of favor with mainstream audiences.

Who are some famous acid jazz artists?

Acid Jazz Artists. Jamiroquai is a funk/acid jazz band which formed in London, England, United Kingdom in 1992. St. Germain is the stage name of Ludovic Navarre, a French musician whose style merges jazzy house music with acid jazz. Xploding Plastix is the musical child of Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Hagen.

Who is the best jazz musician of all time?

The Best Jazz Musicians of All Time – 40 Legendary Jazz Artists. 1 Miles Davis. 2 Louis Armstrong. 3 John Coltrane. 4 Charles Mingus. 5 Thelonious Monk. 6 Ella Fitzgerald. 7 Charlie Parker. 8 Duke Ellington. 9 Chet Baker. 10 Ornette Coleman.

What is acid jazz and why does it matter?

The music played by a generation raised on jazz as well as funk and hip-hop, Acid Jazz used elements of all three. Its existence as a percussion-heavy, primarily live music placed it closer to jazz and Afro-Cuban than any other dance style, but its insistence on keeping the groove allied it with funk, hip-hop, and dance music.

Who are the most famous bassists in the history of music?

Married to Ella Fitzgerald and performing in one of the greatest jazz piano trios of all time, Ray Brown is surely one of the most legendary bassists in the history of the music. With a career that spanned 6 decades – from the 1940’s bop with Dizzy Gillespie through to his death in 2002 – he was releasing music right up until the end.

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