Who played Scar in The Lion King on Broadway?

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Who played Scar in The Lion King on Broadway?

Actor Stephen Carlile
Actor Stephen Carlile made his Broadway debut over two years ago as one of Disney’s most loathsome baddies: Scar in The Lion King. Having played Scar on the national tour from 2012–2014, the British joined the Broadway production in November 2017. “My whole year had been leading up to that.

Who played Scar in the first lion King?

Jeremy Irons
Scar (The Lion King)

Voiced by Jeremy Irons (The Lion King) Jim Cummings (The Lion King, singing; and The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, speaking) James Horan (Kingdom Hearts II; and Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom) David Oyelowo (The Lion Guard) Chiwetel Ejiofor (2019 film) Kelvin Harrison Jr. (Follow-up to 2019 film)

Who starred in the original cast of The Lion King on Broadway?

Original Broadway Cast

  • Jason Raize as Simba.
  • John Vickery as Scar.
  • Samuel E. Wright as Mufasa.
  • Heather Headley as Nala.
  • Tsidii Le Loka as Rafiki.
  • Max Casella as Timon.
  • Tom Alan Robbins as Pumbaa.
  • Geoff Hoyle as Zazu.

Who played Scar?

Jeremy IronsThe Lion KingChiwetel EjioforThe Lion KingJim CummingsThe Lion King II: Simba’s PrideDavid OyelowoThe Lion Guard
Scar/Voiced by

What was Scar’s original name?

In The Lion Guard, Scar was born under the name “Askari” after his ancestor, the original Askari, and was at one point selected as leader of the Lion Guard, a team of lions who would protect the Pride Lands and the Circle of Life, as part of a tradition to all second-born children of the king.

Why did Scar change his name?

Before they can do so, King Ahadi, father of Taka and Mufasa, appears with a large herd of animals that surrounds the buffaloes. It was during this attack that Taka got a scar on his eye, and renamed himself “Scar”, as a reminder of his mistake, explaining his cruel name.

Who plays Scar in West End?

George Asprey
The Lion King 2022 West End cast Kayi Ushe takes on the role of Simba with George Asprey as Scar, David Blake as Banzai, Janique Charles as Nala, Gugwana Dlamini as Rafiki, Shaun Escoffery as Mufasa, Gary Jordan as Zazu, Jamie McGregor as Timon, Melone M’Kenzy as Shenzi and Mark Roper as Pumbaa and Phil Adèle as Ed.

Was scar from The Lion King the good guy?

The only reason Scar could be considered “the good guy” is that he was able to forgive hyenas and give them another chance (which also ended up being a shitty idea and the entire prey left the Pridelands). You literally said one “good” thing about him and the rest of your post is “He’s not perfect tho he makes mistakes”.

Was scar banished in The Lion King?

Sometime after Scar’s defeat, Simba banished Zira, her family and other lionesses loyal to Scar from the Pride Lands to the Outlands. Zira mentions Scar multiple times, claiming that, if it weren’t for Simba, Scar would still be King. But Kion says that Scar was never the real king.

Is scar evil from The Lion King?

This new revelation about The Lion King will both shock you and break your heart at the same time. Everyone’s not-so-favorite Disney villain, Scar, wasn’t always the evil, cold-hearted lion the movie portrayed him as. In fact, it’s actually his parents all his parents fault, as MTV News recently discovered.

Why is scar from The Lion King Black?

The explanation I’ve read is that the darker a lion’s mane, the stronger the lion is. That was part of the reason why 1994 Scar was given a black mane in the first place, besides to make him look villainous – black-maned lions are the most aggressive lions because they have the most testosterone.

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