Who played Phoebe in Underbelly?

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Who played Phoebe in Underbelly?

Ursula Mills
Series Cast

Kate Atkinson Melissa Caddick 2 episodes, 2022
Colin Friels George K 2 episodes, 2022
Dylan Hare Nash Malouf 2 episodes, 2022
Ursula Mills Phoebe Quinn 2 episodes, 2022
Tai Hara Vincent Lee 2 episodes, 2022

Who stars in the new Underbelly?

Series Cast (40)

  • Kate Atkinson. Melissa Caddick (2 episodes, 2022)
  • Jerome Velinsky. Anthony Koletti (2 episodes, 2022)
  • Frankie J. Holden.
  • Dylan Hare. Nash Malouf (2 episodes, 2022)
  • Tai Hara. Vincent Lee (2 episodes, 2022)
  • Annie Rose Buckley. Teenage Melissa / Young Melissa (2 episodes, 2022)
  • Ruby Cuelho.
  • Bryce Youngman.

Who played Tiffany in Underbelly?

Deborah Barrese
Underbelly (TV Series 2008–2013) – Deborah Barrese as Tiffany – IMDb.

Who played Danielle in underbelly?

Danielle Mcguire was played by the stunning Madeline West in 2008s Underbelly series.

Who played Zara in underbelly?

Jane Harber
Born 12 November 1985
Nationality Australian
Occupation Actress

Who is the gangster in Underbelly: Vanishing Act?

George is depicted as a ‘gangster’, who was invented by screenwriter Matt Ford. He told the Sydney Morning Herald he wanted to explore the theory that Caddick had been invovled with somebody dodgy.

Who played Melissa Caddich?

Kate Atkinson
When Kate Atkinson wrapped filming on 10 seasons of the gritty prison drama Wentworth she was happy to bide her time until something completely different came along. Then she got offered exactly that, with the role of a lifetime playing Melissa Caddick in Underbelly: Vanishing Act.

Where did Melissa Caddick live?

Caddick disappeared in November 2020 the day after the Australian Investment and Securities Commission (ASIC) raided her Dover Heights home. Her decomposed foot was found three months later on Bournda Beach near Tathra, about 500 kilometres south of Sydney.

What channel is Melissa Caddick on?

The mysterious disappearance of alleged conwoman Melissa Caddick stunned Australia.

Who are the actors in Underbelly?

Callan Francis Mulvey (born 23 February 1975) is an Australian actor. He is best known in Australia for his roles as Mark Moran on the Australian drama Underbelly, Sergeant Brendan ‘Josh’ Joshua in more Caroline Craig (born 30 April 1975 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) is an Australian actress, based in New York City.

Who are the actors in undercover Eastern Suburbs?

Undercover Eastern Suburbs Socialite1 episode, 2010 Kelly Atkinson Belinda1 episode, 2010 Warren Ekermans WRC Officer #11 episode, 2010 Justin Gill Dealer1 episode, 2010 Ben Toyer Young Buck1 episode, 2011 Jane Wormald

Who are the actors in Heli call girl?

Heli Call Girl #11 episode, 2012 James Liotta Francis Counsel1 episode, 2013 Michael Wipfli Court Clerk1 episode, 2013 Mark Doggett Director John Flemming1 episode, 2013 Sidney Saayman Adam1 episode, 2013 Deiter Kunze

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