Who played Josh in season 1 of weeds?

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Who played Josh in season 1 of weeds?

Justin Chatwin
Justin Chatwin: Josh Wilson.

Who is Josh Wilson in weeds?

Josh Wilson (Justin Chatwin, minor character in season 1 and 8) is Doug’s oldest child and only son. He sells pot to small children against Nancy’s orders.

Who is Silas dad in weeds?

Lars Guinard
Lars’s reaction when finding out Silas is his son. Lars Guinard is Silas’s real father and Nancy’s old boyfriend from high school. Lars is first visited by Shane and Silas towards the end of season 6 due to Shane’s suspicion of Lars being Silas’s real father.

What happened to Esteban in weeds?

After Esteban and Guillermo locate Nancy and attempt to kidnap her, she confesses to Pilar’s murder in order to save her own life and protect Shane. Both she and Esteban are sent to prison. It’s learned at the beginning of season 7 that Esteban was murdered in prison and his cartel disbanded.

Who does Andy marry on Weeds?

In the penultimate episode (the series’ 100th), Andy (Justin Kirk) and Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) finally consummated their relationship after years of will-they-or-won’t-they tension, as drug-dealing mother of three started to go legitimate with a legalized-pot business.

What else did Justin Chatwin play in?


Year Title Role
2005–2012 Weeds Josh Wilson
2006 Lost Eddie Colburn
2011–2015 Shameless Jimmy Lishman / Steve Wilton
2013 The Listener Rudy Best

Who does Andy marry on weeds?

Does Nancy marry Andy?

Rabbi David Bloom (David Julian Hirsh): After Andy left, Nancy converted and became Mrs. Bloom, with the couple raising Stevie as a good Jewish kid and keeping the details of his father’s dark history from him.

What is Justin Chatwin known for?

Justin Chatwin is a Canadian actor and avid outdoors man, traveler, sailor, and spear fisherman. The British Columbia native currently resides in Baja, Mexico. Although mostly known for his work as an actor, his passion sits with conservation, international motorcycle travel and the outdoors.

What happens in the first episode of weeds?

Weeds begins with the primary character, Nancy, (Mary-Louise Parker) living a upwardly mobile life which has come crashing down around her upon her husband’s death.

Is Weeds based on a true story?

Lupita: The coffee table. Weeds is a hilarious comedy, following other trend-setting shows like The Sopranos and Six Feet Under that deal with real life issues (using real life language). Sometimes wonderfully dark, and sometimes very blunt, the humour seems to suit each episode’s general mood.

Is weeds a good show?

I really love it and highly recommend it. On the surface, Weeds is a satire on suburban life (this is evident from the opening credits, which show identical people leaving their identical houses in identical SUVs). On this level, the show works pretty well most of the time, but really, how hard is it to satirize suburbia?

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