Who owns Working Dog Productions?

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Who owns Working Dog Productions?

Three of Working Dog’s founders: Tom Gleisner (left), Rob Sitch (middle), and Michael Hirsh (right)….Working Dog Productions.

Type Private company
Founded 1993
Founders Santo Cilauro Rob Sitch Jane Kennedy Tom Gleisner Michael Hirsh
Headquarters Melbourne , Australia

What is Rob Sitch doing now?

Sitch is currently a member of the Working Dog production company which have produced the television shows Frontline, A River Somewhere, The Panel, Thank God You’re Here and Utopia and the feature films The Castle, The Dish and Any Questions for Ben?. Sitch co-wrote and directed each of these films.

How Much Is Working Dog Productions worth?

The success of Working Dog is indisputable. Conservative estimates value the empire at $10 million.

Is Rob Sitch married?

Jane KennedyRob Sitch / SpouseJane Kennedy is an Australian actress, comedian, radio presenter and television producer, best known for her work with Working Dog Productions, a group of performers responsible for a variety of television and films. She previously was a co-host of KennedyMolloy on Triple M with Mick Molloy. Wikipedia

Who is the producer of cheap seats?

Produced by Mark Shapiro, Showrunner, Todd Pellegrino, James Cohen and Joseph Maar, Cheap Seats was originally an hour-long program. There were eight one hour-long episodes in the first season, all of which were edited to fit a 30-minute time slot.

Is Pacific heat on Netflix?

Netflix Original animated sitcom Pacific Heat will be making its departure from Netflix around the world in December 2020. Pacific Heat is an animated sitcom that was originally commissioned for the Australian TV network The Comedy Channel which is operated by Foxtel.

Where is utopia filmed Melbourne?

Utopia (Australian TV series)

Production locations Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Production company Working Dog Productions
Distributor Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Who is Jane Kennedy married to?

Rob SitchJane Kennedy / Spouse

What is the highest price paid for a Kelpie?

Kelpie fetches world record-breaking $35,200 at Australian working dog auction. A kelpie described as the “complete package with a cool personality” has been sold for $35,200 (£19,200), breaking the world record for the sale of a working dog.

What are kelpies worth?

David and Sarah Lee sold their kelpie Eulooka Hoover for $35,200 in the Casterton Kelpie Association’s Annual Working Dog Auction. That figure smashes the auction’s previous record of $22,200 and also beats the national record of $25,000 set at Jerilderie in 2019.

Is Jane Kennedy married?

Bill Overtonm. 1985Leon Isaac Kennedym. 1971–1982
Jayne Kennedy/Spouse

Is Greg Sitch related to Rob Sitch?

Trivia. Brother of Rob Sitch.

Is Tim McDonald married?

Personal life. McDonald and wife Alycia have two sons, Timothy, Jr. (TJ) and Tevin, and one daughter Taryn.

Why are seats called cheap?

Etymology. Alluding to the lower-priced seats in a theatre, where the audience might find it harder to hear the performers.

Did Pacific Heat get Cancelled?

Where can I watch Pacific heat?

Watch Pacific Heat | Netflix Official Site.

What nationality is Jane Kennedy?

AmericanJayne Kennedy / Nationality

Is Jane Kennedy still married?

Jayne Kennedy was diagnosed with endometriosis during the late 1980s. She and Leon Issac Kennedy eventually divorced, and she went on to marry character actor Bill Overton. She and Overton are still married, they have three children, and they mostly stay away from the limelight.

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