Who owns Snake Farm Zoo?

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Who owns Snake Farm Zoo?

Eric Trager
The Snake Farm was purchased by Eric Trager, a medical doctor, who oversaw its expansion into Animal World, a fully accredited zoo, in 2012. The attraction, along with a beefed up admission price, now has over 500 animals, many of them rescues, and stresses conservation and education.

How much does the train cost at the San Antonio Zoo?

Starting at $46 per person There’s always something new to see at the zoo.

How much does San Antonio Zoo cost?

Terms & Conditions for Single Day Zoo Admission

Gate price Your price
Adult (ages 12+) $31.99 $26.87
Child (ages 3-11) $27.99 $23.51

Is San Antonio Zoo free?

Children 2 and under are free. Fun Day Tickets include single day zoo admission, a train ride, a carousel ride, and entry into a seasonal animal experience. Get admission into the zoo for one full year with a membership to San Antonio Zoo.

How much are San Antonio Zoo tickets at the gate?

How big is the San Antonio aquarium?

50,000 square feet
There is 50,000 square feet of indoor space, filled with everything from fish to an octopus. The new aviary adds 20,000 square feet more.

How much is a forest dragon?

Raise a Floppa – The Loop

Forest Dragon
Buy 125
Sell 10,000
EXP 3,500
Breeding Times 4 H

Does animal world&snake farm zoo have snakes?

Learn about their habitats, behaviors, conservation status, and more. Remember, these are only a handful of the animals that have a home at the Zoo! As our name suggests, Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo has one of the most diverse collection of snakes in the country.

Where is the snake farm on I-35?

Heading down I-35 South from Austin into New Braunfels, you’ve probably seen the big red and white sign visible from the highway touting the Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo. The Snake Farm, as it’s generally known among Texans, has been a beloved roadside attraction capturing the imaginations of travelers since 1967.

Who owns the snake farm in Texas?

Since the mid-2000s, the favorite Texas roadside attraction was acquired by Dallasite Dr. Eric Trager (not pictured), who immediately set about obtaining proper zoo accreditation for the site, which he received in 2011. 3. It’s no longer called the Snake Farm.

What is the history of snake farm?

The Snake Farm was opened in 1967 by Mack McClung, who placed the establishment strategically to catch travelers to the 1968 Worlds Fair in San Antonio.

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