Who owns Javiers in Newport Beach?

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Who owns Javiers in Newport Beach?

Owner Javier Sosa
Newport Beach’s restaurant community, one of the richest in Orange County, got richer in February when Javier’s Cantina and Grill opened in the Crystal Cove Promenade. Owner Javier Sosa, who grew up in Tijuana, started his first restaurant in Laguna Beach in 1995 and later expanded to Irvine and Cabo, Mexico.

When did Javiers Newport Beach Open?

2008 – JAVIER’S opens in the Crystal Cove Promenade, Newport Beach.

Where does Javier Sosa live?

Javier’s is an upscale Mexican restaurant chain owned by Javier Sosa. Sosa operates Javier’s restaurants in California, Nevada, and Mexico. The first Javier’s was founded by Sosa in 1995 in Laguna Beach, California….

Restaurant information
Country United states
Website javiers-cantina.com

Who owns Javier’s Dallas?

Javier Gutierrez
Javier Gutierrez founded his restaurant in 1977 with one goal in mind: bring authentic Mexican cuisine to Dallas. Believing that the city had enough Tex Mex restaurants, Gutierrez, who moved to Dallas from Mexico City when he was 12 years old, decided to bring the foods he grew up with to North Texas.

When did Javiers Dallas Open?

Since 1977 Javier’s has been a Mexican classic in Dallas, one that sneers at Tex-Mex in favor of sophisticated Mexico City cuisine.

Who is the owner of Javiers?

Javier’s at Irvine Spectrum Center Javier Sosa began his journey in 1969 as a dishwasher at Tortilla Flats, working his way up to general manager of all three locations.

Does Javiers Dallas have a dress code?

Note that they adhere to a dress code of no shorts.” Mexican: “Reservations are only accepted by phone. Note that they adhere to a dress code of no shorts.”

Can you wear shorts to Javier’s?

At dinner, their typical clientele is of the “dress to impress” crowd but it’s definitely not required. During the day, it’s casual beach attire (shorts, sandals, t-shirt).

Does Javier have a dress code?

Is there a dress code for Javier’s in Las Vegas?

There really isn’t a dress code, but at night most are in business attire or dressier clothes. I have been several times and have gone dressy or jeans and a nice top. During the day I’ve gone completely casual.

Can you wear jeans to Javier’s?

You can never go wrong business casual. Jeans and a nice dress shirt will work well. Anna K. There is no dress code, just as long as you wear clothing.

Is there a dress code at Javier’s Newport Beach?

Casual attire, happy Yelping!