Who originally sang Dark Hollow?

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Who originally sang Dark Hollow?

Grateful Dead
“Dark Hollow” is considered to be the most popular of Browning’s short career, but it did not reach the peak of its popularity until it was recorded by Grateful Dead in the early 1970s….Dark Hollow (song)

“Dark Hollow”
Single by Bill Browning
Released 1958
Genre Folk
Songwriter(s) Bill Browning

Who wrote dark hollow?

Bill BrowningDark Hollow / LyricistWilmer “Bill” Browning was an American Rockabilly musician, recording studio and songwriter.
Browning is best known for writing the song Dark Hollow, a country music hit when later recorded by Jimmie Skinner and a popular rock rendition for the Grateful Dead. Wikipedia

What does Dark Hollow mean?

not fair or blond; swarthy; brunette. b (in combination) dark-eyed. 4 gloomy or dismal. 5 sinister; evil.

Is Dark Hollow blue or black?

Dark Hollow is a great color, it’s a deep dark blue.

What does hollows mean in slang?

adjective. If you describe a statement, situation, or person as hollow, you mean they have no real value, worth, or effectiveness. Any threat to bring in the police is a hollow one. Synonyms: worthless, empty, useless, vain More Synonyms of hollow.

What is a hollow in the woods?

hollow noun A small, sheltered valley that usually but not necessarily has a watercourse. The term occurs often in place names, especially informal ones, as Hell’s Holler (NC) and Piedy Holler (TN). [ DARE labels this pronunciation holler as “chiefly South, South Midland, especially Southern Appalachians, Ozarks”]

What color is Levi’s native Cali?

Levi’s Men’s 502 Taper Fit Jeans – Native Cali (Black)

What is a Kentucky holler?

“Holler” is the regional dialect pronunciation of “hollow,” referring to a broad natural hollow, as of one a creek has carved, i.e. a small valley.

What is a holler Appalachia?

The word “cove” describes those narrower creek valleys that in other parts of the Appalachians, and often in western North Carolina, are called “hollows,” or “hollers.” Coves may contain arable bottomland, but usually less than in the larger river valleys.

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