Who makes Towmax trailer tires?

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Who makes Towmax trailer tires?

TBC Brands Commercial
TBC Brands Commercial is a division of TBC Brands. For more than fifty years, TBC Brands has been a leader in the replacement tire market and a key supplier to independent tire dealers throughout North America.

Where are power King Towmax tires made?

According to this Power King Towmax STR class action lawsuit, the tires in question are manufactured in China.

Who makes the Power King Tire?

TBC Corporation
Power King is a subsidiary brand of TBC Corporation and offers on- and off-highway, trailer, ATV, and lawn and garden equipment tires.

Who makes Transeagle ST radial?

As one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, Transamerica Tire Co. Ltd manufactures a variety of tires, especially for heavy vehicles. Specifically, it has three brands – Freedom, Hauler and Transeagle – that are known across the US and foreign markets like Canada, Brazil, and Europe.

Who made power king tractors?

Power King tractors were built by Engineering Products Company (EPCO) of Wisconsin. Originally the name for certain EPCO tractors, Power King became the brand for the entire line in 1977. Power King was sold to Support Services International in 1990 and production moved from Waukesha to Beaver Dam.

Who owns Specialty tires of America?

Polymer Enterprises, Inc.
Since 1994, Specialty Tire of America has been a staple in Unicoi County. Last week, the company, and its parent company Polymer Enterprises, Inc., celebrated their 100th anniversary, according to a press release issued to The Erwin Record.

Where are provider tires made?

The Provider ST205/75R15 Radial Trailer Tire # TTWTRTM2057515C referenced in your question, along with the vast majority of trailer tires, are made in China or elsewhere offshore.

How long should Goodyear Endurance trailer tires last?

RV tires last about 3-6 years with regular use. However, certain conditions can speed up of the degeneration of your tires. One of the best all-around tires is the Goodyear Unisteel RST Radial Tire for longevity and quality.

Who makes Carlisle trailer tires?

The Carlstar Group
Carlisle branded tires are exclusively manufactured and sold by The Carlstar Group.

Are power king tractors still being made?

Power King lawn tractors by model Production continued until the late 1990s when Power King was sold again. Eventually the Power King assets were sold to Yazoo-Kees and production ended.

Who made Economy tractors?

Economy tractors were built by Engineering Products Company (EPCO) of Wisconsin.

What is a radial tire vs bias ply?

A radial trailer tire is constructed with steel belts of the tire running at a 90 degree angle of the tread center line. A bias ply trailer tire is constructed with nylon belts of the tire running at a 30-45 degree angle of the tread center line.

What are specialty tires?

Specialty Tire means any tire not specifically covered by any other definition in this section including without limitation traction engines, road rollers, vehicles that run only on a track, bicycles, and farm tractors and trailers.

What is the load rating of the power King towmax STR?

This model features a C, D or E load rating for hauling heavier loads, and is available in 13-16 inch sizes. There are a lot of mixed feelings about the Power King Towmax STR trailer tire.

How much does a towmax tire cost?

Power King Towmax Vanguard is a Trailer tire , currently available in 8 tire sizes, with the lowest price starting from $80.99. Special trailer service tires are built for use on trailer applications to haul heavy loads like boats, cargo and RVs.

Is power King tow Max the worst tire you can buy?

Power King Tow Max worst tire you can buy… Sad these could meet DOT requirements. There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later. First of all, I didn’t buy these from Amazon, but from a local tire store. I bought a pair to replace our boat trailer tires which were 17 years old. This was the 3rd year on the new tires.

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