Who makes Buck Buster crossbow?

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Who makes Buck Buster crossbow?

Parker Bows Buck Buster HP 175 Crossbow Up to 330 fps Includes Scope and Quiver Warranty.

Is Parker Archery going out of business?

Parker Bows announced today that the company has made the difficult decision to shut down their operations. The company has explored what they believe to be all possible options to continue operations in one form or another but to no avail.

Where are Parker crossbows made?

Located in Staunton, Virginia, Parker Compound Bows manufacturers high-performance compound bows, crossbows and crossbow accessories that are built in America.

What is the speed of a Parker enforcer crossbow?

305 FPS
The Parker Enforcer 160 lbs. draw weight / 305 FPS crossbow.

When did Parker go out of business?

Parker Brothers

Logo designed by Arnold Ferdinand Arnold, 1964
Formerly George S. Parker Company
Defunct 1998 (company) 2009 (brand)
Fate Purchased by Hasbro and reincorporated as Hasbro Gaming
Successor Hasbro Gaming

How fast does a Parker enforcer shoot?

Parker Enforcer 160 Crossbow Review

Model Draw Weight Velocity
Parker Enforcer 160 Check price on Amazon.com 160 lbs. 305 FPS Crossbow Academy: ballistics, sighting, tuning

Can you still buy Parker crossbows?

Both eBay and Craigslist contain a decent number of Parker crossbows for sale.

What bolts can I shoot in my Parker crossbow?

you can use almost any bolts but need something close to what they recommend on the nocks. Looks like all the parkers were are what they call capture nocks.

What kind of crossbow is the Buck Buster 150?

Parker Buck Buster 150 Crossbow, Features: A very compact, lightweight and maneuverable crossbow package. An “automatic safety” system can be cocked in any position and automatically sets to safe position. Fits Right or Left Hand Shooters.

What is a Parker Bushwacker crossbow?

The Parker Bushwacker crossbow package includes a four arrow quick – detach quiver, four arrows with field points and a 4x multi – reticle scope. Another very important thing is that you get a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. What people like the most about this Parker crossbow is that it is very accurate with a very good knock down power.

What is the velocity of a Parker Buck Buster crossbow arrow?

Arrow Speed: 315 feet per second velocity acquired using a 20 inch, 400 grain total weight, carbon arrow ( Medium Velocity Crossbow ). Note: Also see arrow drop for this crossbow arrow velocity. Parker Buck Buster 150 Crossbow : Cabela’s. Parker Buck Buster HP 175 Crossbow, Features: More power!

How fast does a Parker ambusher crossbow go?

It can reach the speed of 315 FPS, it is quite light (6.5 lbs), it can reach a power stroke of 11.25’’, its length is 32.25’’ and length from axle to axle is 20.875’’. The Parker Ambusher crossbow package includes 3x illuminated Multi-Reticle scope, 4 arrow quick detach quiver and high velocity red hot arrows with a 100-grain field points.

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