Who killed the Husnock?

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Who killed the Husnock?

When the planet was attacked by an aggressive, destructive species called the Husnock, he refused to join the fight in accordance with his species’ pacifism. Rishon, however, died defending the colony. Stricken with grief, Kevin lashed out with his vast powers and wiped out the entire Husnock species—over 50 billion.

What is Kevin Star Trek?

Kevin Uxbridge was the assumed Human identity of a Douwd who came to Earth in the late 23rd century. “Kevin” was born in 2281. While disguised as a Human student aboard a ship at sea, he met a woman named Rishon.

What did the Husnock look like?

According to the novel Fortune of War, the Husnock were a non-humanoid race with dark blue blood, beaked mouths, multiple hearts and seven tentacles, four of which were used for locomotion.

Are the Douwd more powerful than Q?

The Q are less powerful than the Douwd: and can do nothing to them. (Kevin maintains that he is immortal and cannot be destroyed). The Q are coequal to the Douwd, and can do nothing to them. The Q are more powerful than the Douwd, and CHOOSE not to hold them to account.

What do the Husnock look like?

What is a proto Vulcan?

A proto-Vulcan humanoid was a humanoid species which showed traits of early Vulcans. In 2366, anthropologist Doctor Barron’s preliminary reports indicated that the Mintakans were proto-Vulcan humanoids at the Bronze Age level. This meant that they were quite peaceful and highly logical. (

Are Mintakans Vulcans?

The Mintakans were a proto-Vulcan humanoid species native to Mintaka III who existed in a Bronze Age state of technology. Once the Mintakans were religious and superstitious and believed in notions such as spirits of the dead haunting the living, supernatural beings, or that the stars controlled their fate.

What species was Guinan?

Guinan (Star Trek)

Portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg Isis Carmen Jones (young, “Rascals”) Ito Aghayere (young, Star Trek: Picard)
In-universe information
Species El-Aurian
Occupation Bartender

What race is ginan?

Although human in appearance, it was revealed Guinan is actually a member of an alien race called the El-Aurians. Guinan’s people are still something of a mystery in Star Trek canon; the name “El-Aurian” wasn’t even given to the race until the film Star Trek: Generations.

How much do Vulcans sleep?

Having evolved on a desert world, Vulcans can survive without water for longer periods than humans. Vulcans can also go without sleep for as long as two weeks.

Who watched the watchers?

“Who Watches the Watchers” is the fourth episode of the third season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, the 52nd episode overall, first broadcast on October 16, 1989.

Who were the Husnock?

The Husnock were an intelligent species and civilization. They were very aggressive and conquered other worlds. They were made extinct in 2366, when they numbered around 50 billion. The Husnock had been described as ” a species of hideous intelligence, who knew only aggression and destruction. ” Their physical appearance was unknown.

What happened to the Husnock in Star Trek?

In a split-second of bereaved anguish over the Husnock attackers killing his wife Rishon, the normally pacifist Douwd lashed out with its enormous powers to annihilate not only the attacking ship, but the entire Husnock race. ( TNG: ” The Survivors “) “The Survivors” remains the Husnock’s sole “appearance” in Star Trek.

How did the Husnock kill the colonists?

Unknown to the Husnock, a Douwd was also living on the planet in the guise of Uxbridge. Kevin attempted to divert them away from the colony using his illusions however it only served to anger the Husnock. They finally reached the colony and massacred all the colonists.

How many hearts does a Husnock have?

A Husnock had multiple hearts, protected by the mantle that formed the body. Seashores were prime estate for spawning progeny. The mouth was beaked and used for vocalized speech. ( TTN novel: Fortune of War )