Who is the owner of Aegean Airlines?

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Who is the owner of Aegean Airlines?

Vasilakis Group
Beginnings. Aegean Airlines was founded as Aegean Aviation in 1987. After it was acquired by Vasilakis Group in 1994, Aegean Aviation commenced VIP flights from Athens all over the world with wholly owned Learjet aircraft.

Is Aegean safe?

AEGEAN received the 4-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating, as it was certified that from the beginning of the pandemic and with the same commitment until today, is implementing the highest standards and best practices proposed by the World Health Organization, ICAO and IATA for the protection of passengers and crew.

What’s the best airline in Greece?

Greek Airlines – Top 9 Airlines in Greece Compared

  • Olympic Air.
  • Sky Express.
  • Amjet Executive.
  • GainJet Aviation.
  • Olympus Airways.
  • Air Mediterranean.
  • Bluebird Airways.
  • Ellinair.

How many Aegean Airlines have crashed?


Airline FLE* Events
Aegean Airlines 0.00 0
Aer Lingus 0.00 0
Air France 4.23 8
Alitalia 2.83 3

Is Olympic air safe?

There are absolutely no safety incidents against the current OA airline, and they are as safe as any other airline in the world.

How do I find direct flights?

FlightMapper.net It’s super basic: Clicking an airport renders a new window with a text list of destination cities. Clicking a destination city opens yet another window that lists the available direct flights, their carriers, their effective dates, and days of the week.

What airlines are part of Olympic Holidays?

Quality is the keynote of Olympic Holidays and to complement the accommodation we feature we offer flights on flagship scheduled and charter airlines. Thomas Cook Airlines. TUI. Air Malta. Jet2. Pegasus Airlines. easyJet. Aegean Airlines.

How do I book a flight with Olympic Air?

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Why fly with Olympic flights?

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Is there a 50% off on Greek flights in 2022?

New year, new journeys! Cheers to 2022 with up to 50% off! The offer is valid for all direct & connecting flights from/to Greece or within Greece, between 01/03/2022-30/10/2022. Check all the entry requirements for your destination before your next flight. Travel with peace of mind with the available flexibility options for your ticket.